Food Notes for July 16, 2012

A few weeks ago, Mack and I were interviewed by the Journal about our downtown, walking-centred lifestyle. The article was published on Saturday. While I didn’t mean to say that there’s no need to use a gym (and actually, I think Mack and I could use a little more cardio), I liked how the rest of the piece turned out. Anyway, on to this week’s food notes:

  • I’m sure I’m not the only one to say, finally: Roast Coffeehouse will stage a soft opening on July 17, and its neighbour, the Mercer Tavern, is set to have its grand opening on July 20.
  • You have a few more days to pick up discounted Taste of Edmonton tickets. They will be on sale at Tix on the Square until July 18.
  • Tickets are still available for Chef Blair Lebsack’s July 22, 2012 farm dinner at Peas on Earth.
  • Vinomania is hosting its Summer Celebration on August 1, 2012 from 5-8pm. Expect wine and spirits tastings, food trucks (Drift and Filistix) and live entertainment.
  • Pinkberry landed in Edmonton on July 12. Read Marlow Moo’s take on the grand opening.
  • Last week, the Journal reviewed Century Hospitality’s newest restaurant, MKT.
  • I wrote this last year, but it surprises me that books like Where to Eat in Canada are still being published. Does anyone still read them?
  • I am loving, “Strip Search”, the Journal’s series on strip malls – if we had more unique gems like these, walking to your neighbourhood shop wouldn’t seem like an outdated pastime. Read about Parsons Road and Hazeldean.
  • A must read: Mack’s post on the Food and Agriculture strategy and how it relates to Edmonton’s future growth.
  • There is no question “organics” have become big business. Campbell’s acquisition of Bolthouse Farms is just the latest in a string of “big food” takeovers of independent organic companies. It’s a worrisome trend, as detailed in this article in the NYT – did you know that in the US more than 250 nonorganic substances are approved as additives to organic labelled food?
  • Mack and I walked past the Copper Pot (9707 110 Street) on the weekend and noticed that it has changed hands. It looks like Nello’s will be taking it over, and Antonio’s will open some time soon. Here’s hoping they will bring more traffic into the storefront, as the Copper Pot was never all that busy.



  • You know food trucks are mainstream when national brands have jumped on the bandwagon: the Kraft Peanut Butter Truck is coming to town on July 19 at the Taste of Edmonton. Though I don’t agree with Taste organizers that they should have permitted the truck to park at Churchill Square (is it fair to the trucks and other vendors selling food at the festival while free food samples are being distributed?), I will say that it is a good opportunity for people to re-acquaint themselves with how versatile peanut butter can be! I was lucky enough to receive a care package of samples put together by Gail Hall, made up of several dishes that the truck will be serving up. My favourite had to be the PB S’mores, though the Thai peanut dip surprised me with its hint of heat.

Kraft Peanut Butter

Sweet treats from Kraft

  • I’m a little embarrassed to admit my new favourite warm weather drink this year is the Passion Tea Lemonade at Starbucks. That said, the new Refreshers line at Starbucks with green coffee extract is also interesting – a caffeine boost without the coffee. I’m sure other big coffee retailers will follow suit with similar drinks soon.



4 thoughts on “Food Notes for July 16, 2012

  1. I want to try these foodtrucks this summer, but I am super disappointed that I can never find them! They should tweet their location/hours whenever they are open because obviously, they move around and the locations/times that are posted in some places are not always correct. If you could pass on the message that’d be great!

  2. Good point, Dr. CaSo. Mack and I want to develop the What the Truck?! site into a hub where you can use it as a main “directory” of sorts, but it is still in development. Have you also tried tweeting the trucks directly to prompt their location?

  3.  hey dr caso!
    most of the trucks also have their own facebook pages where they post daily location and menu information
    or you could just ask me! i usually know where they are….ha ha ha
    (i eat WAY too much GOOD food)

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