A Walk through Wolf Willow and the Fort Edmonton Footbridge

It probably wasn’t the best idea to go for a walk during the peak of the afternoon heat, but at least we got some sun! Mack and I spent Sunday afternoon in the Wolf Willow neighbourhood on the city’s west end. The impetus was to try to take part in the advertised block party on the Fort Edmonton Footbridge, but we ended up missing the festivities by about a half hour (we’ve also never encountered a block party planned for just two hours on a Sunday).

Fort Edmonton Footbridge

Fort Edmonton Footbridge

Regardless, it was a good excuse as any to return to one of our favourite places in Edmonton. The breeze off the river was great, and we saw many people lounging not only on the bridge, but on the water as well.

Fort Edmonton Footbridge

Although we encountered a few more signs this time around, the walk from their designated parking lane to the bridge was still a bit of a guess and test, almost as if it is meant to be a hidden gem not easily discovered (Mack’s written about it before – the City’s webpage doesn’t make it easy). And though the bridge is in theory open to the public, walking by rows of large three and four-garage homes on the way down, it was hard not to think of this as a neighbourhood exclusive (especially when compared with other more accessible and visible pedestrian bridges such as the Cloverdale Pedestrian Bridge in Louise McKinney).

Fort Edmonton Footbridge

Part of the City’s “ribbon of green”

Instead of returning the way we came, we decided to loop around the long way, and explore Wolf Willow on foot a little further. One of the features of this neighbourhood is definitely its back lane trails – so many of the homes in this area open into wooded paths, and gave the impression that backyards were extended right into nature.

Wolf Willow Ridge

One of the many “hidden” trails

With the help of Google Maps (great that the trails are included in the walking directions!), we made it back to our starting point. When Mack’s parents (and puppies) are in town later this summer, we hope to take them to this bridge –we think it should be a destination for Edmontonians and tourists alike!

Fort Edmonton Footbridge

Made it to the top!

3 thoughts on “A Walk through Wolf Willow and the Fort Edmonton Footbridge

  1. Hi Sharon – First time I’ve ever commented on your blog, though I do read it quite reguarly through my RSS reader. My comment is about the bridge and its current “isolation”. Right now, it seems like it doesn’t connect very much, but in the future, there will be two more river crossing connecting to this path system. It will eventually be connected to another footbridge linking this park with Terwilligar… and further another footbridge from Terwilligar into Cameron Heights! This bridge will be a very popular bridge in the near future!

  2. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for reading, and for the comment! Good to know about the broader context of where the footbridge will fit in. I know the residents get a lot of use out of it, and based on what you’re saying, more will be able to do so in the future – great to hear!

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