2012 City Market: Week 2

Without a wedding to rush off to this Saturday, Mack and I were able to take our time at the City Market this afternoon. It really was a gorgeous day, sunny with a light, warm breeze – such a difference just one week can make!

City Market

Beautiful day

We did treat ourselves to a lazy start, however, which did mean that some sought-after spring produce was already sold out by the time we got downstairs.

City Market

Jen’s Organic Garden was sold out

That said, we still encountered a full table of Edgar Farms asparagus, so made sure to snag a bundle. We also picked up an order from Greens, Eggs and Ham – the benefit of being on their Futures Program is that they will set aside some of their coveted produce for members!

City Market

Asparagus from Edgar Farms

City Market

Sunflower sprouts from Greens, Eggs and Ham

City Market

Rhubarb from Sundog Organics

Our leisurely walk down the market aisles also meant we were able to connect with some vendors we likely walked right past last week.

City Market

Elaine and Gary of Allium Foodworks

City Market

Amy of Ameya Studio

Vendors and shoppers alike are still getting used to the new back-to-back set up, but we really hope it sticks. Change always takes time to adapt to, but as a whole, it seems like the right decision for all involved on the street. And given the growth of the City Market this year, it might also be a good time for the organizers to develop a map app that would help consumers locate their favourite vendor.

City Market

Down one aisle

As we were browsing the market around lunch time, the lines at the different food vendors were noticeably long. Today, there were a total of six vendor options: Fork & Spoon Brigade, Medicine Man Bison, Serben Free Range, Fat Franks, Eva Sweet and Carnival Cravings. Lit was also selling burgers and Italian sausages from their patio barbecue.

City Market

Fat Franks

Filistix, a popular food truck who has been a mainstay at the City Market for several years, decided not to sign up for the 2012 season to focus on their campus ventures. For that reason, it seemed like an ideal time to usher in other food trucks, especially since they have been such a draw for the market. We know of many people who visit the market not specifically to shop, but to enjoy the outdoors, and people watch. Many of these people may not purchase groceries, but will buy something to eat, whether it be kettle corn, a hot dog, or lemonade. Street food has become an integral part of the market.

City Market

Picking up my sweet treat of the day

We know of at least one food truck who applied this year was turned down, but there could be others as well. Though the savoury dishes provided by the Fork & Spoon Brigade are a good start, other more unique options would be a welcome complement, and ultimately, could help entice more people to the market. Hopefully the City Market embraces other food trucks soon – because if they won’t, other markets will.

See you next week!

7 thoughts on “2012 City Market: Week 2

  1. Just to clarify – we didn’t have our grill cart set up yesterday. It’ll be up and running next week for sure!   -Julia Serben, Serben Free-Range

  2. I went yesterday and love the new layout! I used to get all caught up in the buzz and wandered both sides of the big aisle last year. With the new set up, I can focus on the stall right in front of me. 

    It’s really too bad that some food trucks got turned down. It’s true that some people, like my husband, goes to these markets just for the food vendors.  I was also sad that Eva Sweet didn’t have cinnamon waffles on the menu 😦

  3. Love the new layout of the Market and congrats to them for making a bold, but badly needed change.  Now the sidewalks are clear of obstructions and people can naturally flow down both sides of the street.  Market patrons can either shop vendor tent fronts or street business store fronts with equal ease.  This is a win win!  No longer are street business store fronts hidden by the tents.  The change also means that the street is far less congested, and makes access to vendors far easier.  Instead of having, say 4,000 people crammed down the center of the street, they are now distributed on both sides of the street.  I hope the Market embraces the positive changes for their patron’s, vendor’s and street front business’s sake.

    Would love to see more food vendors at the Market as well.  I knew that some great restaurants such as Sabor Divino wanted to participate, but they were denied.  This is everybody’s loss.  I would image an element of fear and protectionism exists.  Clearly, the needs of their patron’s are not being considered.

    Ed Fong, Owner, deVine Wines & Spirits

  4. Thanks for pointing that out, Julia! I saw the CityMarket104 Tweet and just assumed they had the most up-to-date info, and that I had missed the cart myself. Looking forward to seeing your menu on Saturday.

  5. Helen – I found that too – it’s easier to just focus on one vendor at a time, instead of on the ones across the way as well.

    Eva Sweet typically just offers one variety, but does have an array of toppings. Maybe if you make a request to Bamir he might bring the cinnamon back one week!

  6. Ed – thanks for the comment. I hope they keep this set up for the remainder of the market as well.

    There’s still time for the City Market to add more food vendors – let’s hope they do!

  7. Thanks for the mention Sharon! I’m really liking the new layout of the market. I think it’s a win win for customers and vendors, so I hope it sticks around too.

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