One of the Best: The Burger Joint

After a South Edmonton Common run on the previous weekend, Mack and I ended up having lunch at the nearby Burger Joint. I had read about the inconspicuous restaurant on Chris’ blog quite some time ago, and honestly, had no one pointed it out, I never would have assumed there was a restaurant buried among the health care services in the strip mall.

Burger Joint

Burger Joint

Inside, the interior is boldly coloured but simple, with a combination of modern chairs and small booths. We snagged a table, and started working on our order cards, a system very similar to Fulton Market. Patrons select the type of patty they want, customize it with forty different free toppings, and add, if they wish, fourteen other toppings for an additional fee.

Burger Joint

Order cards

In many ways, it’s easy to get carried away with the tickboxes, as Mack found. Why not go for cheese, bacon and egg? Before we knew it, our two combos with fries and a drink added up to over $26 – not exactly your typical fast food price.

Burger Joint

Our cards

But then again, the Burger Joint doesn’t provide the typical quick-serve fare. We found that out pretty quickly when our fries were delivered, piping hot, in a cute mini-fryer basket and metal cone. Both the fries and curly fries were not only delectably crispy, but they were accompanied by a house-made tartar sauce. I’m not normally a fan of mayo-based pairings for fries, but I’d make an exception every time for this tangy, toothsome sauce.

Burger Joint


Our burgers arrived a moment later, on plates perhaps a bit too small, given the relative height of the burgers. These were creations, no doubt, and definitely meant to tantalize one’s visual palate first. Mack and I did our best to press our burgers down so we could get a good grasp on it (Guy Fieri-style), and dug in.

Burger Joint

My burger

Burger Joint

Poster burger boy

The beef patty was remarkably good – well-seasoned, and actually tasted as if it had been made from fresh beef (unlike South St. or Fulton Market). Mack liked the bread a little more than I did (my preference is for the pillowy-soft variety as opposed to the toasted bun), but both of us enjoyed the toppings for the most part.

Burger Joint


In the rising scene of burger bars, we’d rate Burger Joint among the best. Between the stellar fries and excellent burgers, it’s hard to think of another place that gets both components so right.

The Burger Joint
9132 23 Avenue
(780) 435-0008

6 thoughts on “One of the Best: The Burger Joint

  1. Couldn’t agree more!  We’ve been there once and can’t wait to go again.

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