For All Ages: Cafe Tiramisu

Mack and I had popped inside Cafe Tiramisu in early January to check out the modern interior, but didn’t have time that day for a sit down meal. That chance came this past Saturday, when the weather beckoned us to explore the neighbourhood on foot (we also stumbled upon a Coup Boutique/Dote Baby pop-up down the street in the former Duchess space!).

Cafe Tiramisu prides itself on offering a family-friendly space, and includes a separate playroom for children. So as expected, the late afternoon crowd consisted mostly of families with small children, though there were also a few pairs like us. It’s great that Cafe Tiramisu has managed to cultivate a space that is both family and adult-friendly.

Cafe Tiramisu

Cafe Tiramisu

We sat ourselves and were handed menus. Choices consisted of a few appetizers and paninis, pizzas and pastas. Mack decided to order the panini al bistecca ($10.75), with grilled shaved beef with peppercorn havarti cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and peppercorn mustard, as well as a blueberry brain boost smoothie ($5.50). I opted for the pasta al pesto ($11.95), with garlic, olive oil, pesto and pine nuts tossed with fresh herbs and cheese, as it’s not often, because of Mack’s allergy, that I get to enjoy pine nuts.

Mack’s smoothie arrived first, a tart and sweet blend with a great consistency. I’d say it was better than the similar concoctions we had at Fresh Healthy Cafe, which is apparently known for their drinks.

Cafe Tiramisu

Blueberry brain boost smoothie

Our dishes were delivered shortly after. Mack’s salad was disproportionately sized – but then again, perhaps it was meant to be child-friendly (I should say that Mack, ever the greens-hater, found the portion to be just perfect for him). He enjoyed the pressed sandwich (especially the peppercorn mustard) but the beef could have been sliced thinner.

Cafe Tiramisu

Panini al bistecca

My pasta was served with some garlic bread that was a bit too charred for my liking, but the pasta itself was great. Good flavour, and there was a decent sprinkling of pine nuts – I wasn’t let down.

Cafe Tiramisu

Pasta al pesto

With the natural light and modern fixtures, the surroundings at Cafe Tiramisu helped make for a very pleasant lunch. The solid menu offerings and good service rounded out the experience, so I wouldn’t hesitate to return – with or without a child in tow.

Cafe Tiramisu
10750 – 124 Street
(780) 452-3393
Monday 9am-3pm, Tuesday-Thursday 8am-9pm, Friday 8am-11pm, Saturday 9am-10pm, closed Sundays

6 thoughts on “For All Ages: Cafe Tiramisu

  1. We visited the Saturday night before you were there.  We had the Pasta Pesto with linguine and thought it was good.  We also had the Pizza Margherita and the Apple & Couscous salad.  We liked both dishes.  Our two little ones enjoyed the iPads in the playroom.  We’ll definitely be back; perhaps, for brunch next time.

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