Food Notes for February 27, 2012

  • Karlynn’s Culinary Cook-Off on March 17, 2012 looks like it will be a blast! But even better, she’s raffling off the opportunity to be the fourth judge – with luck, you’ll get to do your best Tom Collichio impression!
  • As you know, I love pho, so it’s great to see a website that is singularly about “saving you from a bad bowl of pho”. Gotta love the name too.
  • The Journal slammed both Five Guys and Fulton Market last week. Though based on their business (and the comments), I doubt the restaurants will be any less busy.
  • FoodieMcPoon shared her experience in a NAIT chocolate making class.
  • Mack sent me a link to what the shopping cart of the future may look like – smart enough to know your food preferences and allowing you to pay without ever heading to a till.
  • Downtown Dining Week kicks off on Friday, March 2 and runs until March 12. 27 restaurants are participating by offering $15, $25 or $50 prix fixe meals. Mack and I attended the launch at the Art Gallery of Alberta on Friday, where eight restaurants sampled some of the dishes on those menus. I have to say my favourite was Wildflower Grill’s mesquite grilled hickory ribs and BBQ beans – so tender I was fine just using a fork to pull the meat apart. I also enjoyed Zinc’s goat cheese perogy, so subtle and springy that it surprised me to find it that it was Chef Omar’s first attempt at making perogies! And Lit’s upscale “bacon wrapped cheese” was after Mack’s own heart (literally) – so no surprise he enjoyed it.

Downtown Dining Week

Goat cheese perogy with smoked salmon tartar from Zinc

Downtown Dining Week

Prosciutto-wrapped Bocconcini from Lit

Downtown Dining Week

Four bloggers walked into a room…

  • We were really worried that the snow would deter people from taking in IllumiNITE on Saturday, but I really should have given Edmontonians more credit. People were out in spades taking in the lit sculptures in the pocket park on 104 Street, and partying up a storm in 29 Armstrong. The pop-up fashion market next door was also a great idea. As Mack remarked that night, we love living on 104 Street!


IllumiNITE sculpture


One of my favourite sculptures, made using fibre optic cables and concrete


Pop-up market featuring local designers


29 Armstrong


Drift and Nomad providing the catering

Hope you have a good week!

2 thoughts on “Food Notes for February 27, 2012

  1. Didn’t you forget mentioning BLINK?
    I am sure you will write about it, but it was a pretty big part of the past week…. As was ZoomJer’s BDay at Lux, I might add. An incredibly well planned mixer and the superb follow up to the Media Launch for Downtown Restaurant Week. I have to get my post up as it was a great event!

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