Pyrohy Gluttony: St. John’s Cultural Centre

I’d heard tell that churches across town regularly served up perogies to the carb-starved masses, but I’d never attended one of these pyrohy suppers myself. Until tonight.

After work, a few of my coworkers headed to St. John’s Cultural Centre, within walking distance of the office, to stuff ourselves silly. St. John’s, like many others around Edmonton (including St. Andrew’s and St. Basil’s), offers these suppers on a monthly basis as a regular fundraising opportunity.

I’m not sure why I thought these suppers were a well-kept secret, but given how full the room was that night, it was clear this was a monthly tradition for many. Several tables were reserved, and others were filled with large parties who looked like regulars. And with wine at just $20 a bottle, it was easily one of the cheapest happy hour options in the city.

St. John's Cultural Centre

Not a well-kept secret

For $12 ($10 for seniors and $6 for children aged 6-12), we dined, all-you-can-eat-style, on two kinds of perogies, sauerkraut, roasted pork and Caesar salad. A separate table contained all of the usual perogy fixings – sour cream, bacon bits and (wait for it) sautéed onions in melted butter. I was in love.

St. John's Cultural Centre

Leigh, Sam and Elise load up

The perogies were just what I was looking for – the homemade dough makes all the difference. When we have perogies (from frozen, of course) at home, we typically pan-fry them in butter, but in this case, it would have masked the wonderful texture of the skin. The cottage cheese filling was good, but the potato and onion was definitely my favourite. . The roasted pork on my first go-around was moist and shredded ever so easily, but was a bit dry on my second run.

St. John's Cultural Centre

Plate #1

Dessert and coffee was also available for those who still had room. None of us indulged, partly because of the unidentified nature of the cake, but mostly because that second plate of perogies was probably a mistake.

St. John's Cultural Centre


The next few pyrohy suppers at St. John’s are scheduled for December 16, January 27 and February 24. Start thinking about those stretchy pants now!

St. John’s Cultural Centre
10611 110 Avenue
(780) 425-9692

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