Giveaway: KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor

Watching an episode of Jaime’s Meals in Minutes last week reminded me just how versatile a food processor can be. Although I’ve used my processor to make chapatti dough and hummus, most of the time, I use it purely for one function: to blend soups. In a single episode, Jaime shredded celeriac and pear for a remoulade, whirled together a basil pesto, and shaved ice for a citrus and vanilla bean-scented granita. Given the holidays are fast approaching, it was great to see a demonstration of how useful one appliance can be in simplifying things for the busy cook.

It was a bit of a coincidence then that I actually have an opportunity to giveaway a food processor – KitchenAid just released a new 13-cup food processor, which retails for $399.99. It features:

  • KitchenAid Food ProcessorNew external adjustable, stainless steel slicing disc provides ultimate versatility
  • Dual shredding disc easily flips the disc from 2mm to 4mm to achieve ideal slicing thickness
  • Large 13-cup (2.75L) leak-proof work bowl, plus chef’s bowl and mini bowl
  • Ultra Wide Mouth Feed Tube™ adjusts to 3 different sizes to accommodate foods of varying sizes, including whole potatoes and cucumbers
  • 17 precise food processing options for speed-controlled slice, shred, chop & puree functions plus three maximized slice, shred and puree/chop blades and bonus dough, egg whip & Julienne blades
  • 4 speed-controlled functions

Here is one recipe that would be greatly simplified using this processor.

KitchenAid recipe

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment below with an answer to the following question: what is your favourite food processor function? Or, if you don’t currently have a food processor, how would you use it?

One comment per person, please, and you must live in Canada to receive this prize. The contest closes at 5pm on November 20, 2011. The winner will be selected using a random number generator.

Good luck, and thanks again to KitchenAid for this giveaway!

November 22, 2011 EDIT: Congratulations to Ashley (commenter #27) on winning the KitchenAid processor. Thanks to everyone for entering!

177 thoughts on “Giveaway: KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor

  1. The closest thing to a food processor I’ve got is a magic bullet (which I adore) but it isn’t quite up to snuff for some things (nor does it have a whole lot of capacity). There seems to be some recipes out there that can only be created with the aid of a food processor. I would certainly ‘pulse’ my heart out (pun intended!) making more scalloped potatoes & probably eat more bite-sized veggies because they’d be FUN to prepare! Prep work is the bane of putting together any kind of meal!

  2. My favorite use for a food processor is hollandaise. I know that it is not the traditional method and may upset purists however it allows the cook to focus on the end product without too much concern for perfect technique. Hollandaise, as know, can be used in more than just the typical eggs ‘benny’ configuration, a food processor lets you focus on flavour and expand your application of the sauce. Seared sablefish with wasabi hollandaise anyone?

  3. I don’t have a food processor, but I’d love one for making soups! My favourite butternut squash soup recipe would be so much easier with one of these.

  4. I would give it to my lovely mother for Christmas… she has prepared so many delicious meals for us using an old thrift store one that is impossible to fully clean and likes to break down all the time – I know she would be thrilled to receive a new one. Also I would be thrilled to eat the results.

  5. What wouldnt I use it for!?!?!
    Grating carrots for carrot cake… yup
    Blending fruit for italian butter cream… yup
    Prep work for stews, chilis, and sauces… yup
    Blending sugar and almonds for macaron… yup
    Puree EVERYTHING… yup
    Slice potatoes… yup
    Grate cheese for gougers… yup
    …did you say this thing can whip eggs?!?
    I think I would never use it, just build a shrine to it in the corner of my kitchen.

  6. I’ve never owned a food processor before but have always wanted one (along with one of those big mixers). Hmmm, scalloped potatoes…even more soups…oooh my veggie tian would have veggies sliced the same size…I don’t even know where to begin!

  7. My father-in-law is my food processing role model. For me it is a toss-up between Yorkshire Puds and Pesto.

  8. I don’t currently have one, but often wish I did when I make pie crust. What a great give-away prize!

  9. I had a giant Cuisenart food processor put in my Hope(less) chest back in the 80’s. As I never use it due to it’s size, (think soup for one etc) the smaller sized one would open up a whole new world of culinary delights from chopping onions and garlic, to making delicious hummous. And, in a pinch, since I dont have a blender, making the occasional margherita!

  10. I don’t have one. But I’d like one … to make dips, definitely dips, and lots of other things.

  11. Hi, I don’t have one right now, but my favourite way to use a food processor would be to make home-made baby food.

  12. I’ve used my Sunbeam for so long that the plastic is cracked and warped. Besides all the coleslaws, soups, and canning I’ve done, my absolute favourite thing to do with a food processor is make hummus. Yum.

  13. I love to use my processor for shredding, I hate using a hand grater as I usually end up grating my fingers.

  14. Have a food processor but don’t use it as often as the blender. Probably that’s because I tend to make smoothies rather than chop food!

  15. Definitely, the most use is for smoothies and occasionally when making soups. With a new one like this, I would be exploring all that it can do!

  16. I use mine to whip up homemade curry pastes – red, green, yellow…delish!
    And it’s pretty awesome for grating. You can make the fastest carrot cake!

  17. I would love a food processor. I would use it for making hummus. We go through a ton of hummus every week so this would be a big money saver!
    Other things I would use it for:
    shredding cabbage for Japanese Cabbage Salad
    homemade pumpernickel breadcrumbs
    grating carrots for baking

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  18. My favourite thing to do with a food processor is grate cheese. It may not be the fanciest suggestion, but it’s quick, and I can do a lot in a very quick time. I hate doing it manually with a cheese grater, I always create a huge mess!
    I am moving away from home soon, and would love to have one of my own since my parents won’t let me take theirs.

  19. I watched the same episoide of Jamie’s show the other day. I have a small (probably only 2cups max) food processor that meant to blend garlic or something like that. It doesn’t even have a spout at the top. So if i get this fabulous piece of machinery, i would probably go nuts with anything baking needs. Blend almonds for macaroons, pie crusts, nuts for toppings. Once i finish with those options, i probably google baking recipes that uses a processor. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. We have a mini cuisinart food processor. Lately, we’ve been using it to either grind up nuts (which we’ve used in butter chicken) or to puree cauliflower, which tastes quite lovely if you cook it in chicken broth!

    If I won a big one, man… I do lots of things! Soups for sure, and definitely would try my hand at making pesto

  21. I would use my food processor to chop up all my onions…I could never stop tearing up while chopping up the onions on the chopping board!

  22. Right now, I only have a mini food processor. It doesn’t have the slicing function, the power, or the capacity I sometimes need, but I like its ability to chop things like nuts or help me puree things, like avoccados for guacamole. I’d like the KitchenAid 13-Cup Food Processor to do larger batches and to save my fingertips from my mandolin!

  23. When I had a processor, I used it a lot for hummus of course, and making bread crumbs. It’s also a life saver on those occasions when you have to grate a lot of cheese.

  24. Ah! This is an amazing giveaway!! My old (old old old old old) food processor got destroyed in the process of chopping dried mushrooms, and my mandolin fell apart in the same week and I have been mourning them ever since. I love the chopping and slicing capabilities, it’s magical!

  25. I love how easy it is to make biscuit- and scone-type dough in the food processor, rather than having to cut the cold butter into the flour.

  26. I don’t have a food processor, but have been thinking about purchasing one. I would use it to make curry pastes and salsas.

  27. My 15 -year-old food processor died a month or so ago and I’ve missed it terribly for blending soups, making fast and perfect pie crust, fresh bread crumbs for meatballs and my favourite Knorr spinach dip.

  28. We currently own a tiny little food chopper, it is handy, but much too small. A food processor this size would make the tedious task of prep work much quicker and easier. It could be used for so much – chopping veggies for soup, salad, etc. etc.

  29. I have to admit that I’ve never owned a food processor (just think of all the food adventures I’ve missed because of it)!

  30. I have always wanted a food processor…even just for everyday slicing! It would make it much easier to incorporate more veggies into my everyday meals.

  31. I currently have a mini bright orange food processor that I asked for Christmas, however, I find that it is too small to blend soups, doughs, etc. My boyfriend currently uses it everyday to make milkshakes, but I’ve used it to make salad dressings. If I won the gigantic food processor above, I would use it to make everything! Blending soup, doughs, chopping vegetables, blending spices. I think it is a very versatile appliance to have in the kitchen.

  32. I love using a food processor to make homemade pasta. Throw all your ingredients in, give’r a little pulse until it forms small granules then dump it out and form it by hand, And really how can you beat homemade pasta?

  33. I don’t have one, but I would use it for so much! Slicing veg for chopped salads, making pesto and curry pastes, mixing pasta dough, binding pastry…I am really hoping to get one soon as, there are so many functions.

    I am also a big fan of Jamie’s Meals in Minutes (and Jamie Oliver in general), and he uses his food processor for so many of those recipes. I don’t currently try many of the recipes he makes, as my sad, food-processerless kitchen is ill-equipped to tackle it.

  34. My favorite way to use a food processor is as my all-in-one chopper/mixer. I have been converted by Jamie Oliver to using it as an all-purpose mixer. I can make pizza dough and sauce enabling me to make pizza in less time than it takes for the delivery boy to show up.

    Bliss! Pure and utter bliss!

  35. Ohhhh, I’ve been wanting a food processor for ages…

    For breadcrumbs, grating cheese, but most of all for pie crust.

  36. There are so many uses for food processors – pie dough, bread-kneading, soup-pureeing, playdoh making, cheese-grating – but what I would use it for are the everyday activities of grating and slicing vegetables. My favourite use would be to use the slicer for cabbage and the grater for carrots, combined with a tasty vinaigrette into delicious coleslaw. I am working to eat healthy, and having a food processor would certainly support that.

  37. I would give it to my mom, since her food processor is ancient! Then she can use it to make her famous spring rolls 😉

  38. I’d definitely use the food processor to make quick work of pesto and fresh salad dressings! Thanks for having this awesome contest.

  39. I love cooking and baking and used to spend countless hours in the kitchen… That was until my baby was born 3 months ago leaving me little to no time to cook:-P
    A food processor would reduce the amount of prep time. I would use it to prepare cake batters, to grind ingredients for my macarons, and to prepare gratins, tians, sauces, and soups!

  40. I would make all those Jamie Oliver recipes from 30minute meals everytime i think ohhh that looks good he whips out the food processor and i am hooped since i don’t own one.

  41. A food processor is so handy, but I only have a little guy so most recipes require me to repeat the processor steps multiple times. Grinding nuts into a fine powder, chopping up chili’s to make a hot sauce, grating zucchini for loafs and muffins the possibilities are endless.

    Sharon why do you use a food processor for your soup? We use a immersion blender right in the pot as the soup is simmering.

  42. I don’t have a food processor but would use one for soups and dips and who knows what else once I owned one

  43. I’ve been on the hunt for my first food processor for the past few months (researching, reading reviews, etc.)! I love baking and learned in a baking class how handy a food processor is for making the perfect fluffy biscuits so that would be my first use. After that, I think it would encourage me to cook more healthy meals as it would make it so much easier and more enjoyable to prepare!

  44. Besides for the obvious hummus I like using food processors for scones or pie crusts. So much faster & easier than using a pastry cutter!

  45. I have been dying to get my hands on a food processor for a while but being a student I’ve been forcing myself to hold off. I was recently given the cookbook “deceptively delicious” but you need a food processor to make the puree’s for most of the recipes. I would love to be able to make homemade hummus too!
    P.S. Love the blog! I am new to Edmonton and I always find myself reading your reviews when I’m looking to try a new restaurant.

  46. I had a food processor…which I cooked. The motor went on it a few years ago and I have not had the ability to replace it. I used mine for everything from soups, dressings and dips to sliced vegetables, bread crumbs and chopped nuts. They work great for layered salads, snacks for the kids and quick and easy soups for dinner. The “Bullet”
    just does not compare to a well made food processor.

    They are a must have for anyone that does a lot of entertaining!

  47. I use my food processor for grating parmesan cheese, chopping nuts.Hummus is my favourite use for the food processor and it can be as smooth or as chunky as I like. I also make a Canadian Living recipe for “Artichoke Chicken Flatbread”, and I use the food processor to blend the roasted red peppers with the garlic and olive oil. Very very tasty.

  48. I don’t have a food processor but I am experimenting with making coconut butter so a food processor would probably be a better option than using my poor blender!

  49. I use my cheapy one with a cracked lid for making hummus a lot especially now that Costco stopped carrying Tribe brand.

  50. What would I use it for? To give to my lovely spouse who has been pining for one for years – to make her fab soups and more!!

  51. I use a food processor for making soups, cutting up veggies really fine to hide in foods for my fussy kids, making potato latkes, grating carrots for carrot cake and the list can go on.

  52. I’ve been looking into a food processor for a while now and think it would be a great addition to the kitchen. I really want to get into making soups! This is such an awesome give-away, good luck to everyone 🙂

  53. Among other things, I would use my food processor to make pastry dough and blend soups; although, the possibilities are endless!

  54. My favorite function is shredding meat and veggies for egg rolls and cole slaw!! YUMMY. Since my last one passed away a couple years ago (it was super old), I forgot how great it was for blending soups. Memories. Good luck to all, but I really hope I win. 🙂

  55. My favourite function is the ability to whip up pastry and other doughs in a fraction of the time (and mess!) it takes to do it by hand.

  56. My favorite function is the slicer function. So perfect for scallopped potatoes – and way safer than using a mandolin!

  57. I love to use my food processor to make soup. I like to diced the veggies small to hide them in the soup so the kids are fooled!

  58. I would experiment with making more vegetable blend uncooked mixes to drink: carrots, celery, apples, beets. Also, hummus, salsa, and pesto!

  59. I have a mini processor right now, and it is very handy but never big enough to do full size batches of things I’m making. If I’m making a soup I have to do mini batches- this one is big enough to do a full batch. And, a processor that would do more than sort of mush, and really mush would be very handy… I love that this one has a Julienne feature- something I never seem to have the patience for!

  60. I’ve never owned a food processor but I use my mom’s old Braun machine (which has some parts that have seen better days) to grate potatoes for potato pancakes.

  61. I love to use our little food processor to chop onions. I really don’t like chopping them by hand and it’s so easy with the food processor. *fingers crossed*

  62. Years ago I saw Jamie Oliver in Indigo. He made the most amazing curry, in no time flat! What I was totally blown away by? Chop onions (easy peasy) then tomatoes (no cleanup in between) in seconds flat. My kind of cooking. Fast as lightening & the fewer the dishes, the better!! If I won the food processor, I would make this amazing curry ❤
    btw, I never thought to grate cheese in a processor…great(or should I say grate) idea!

  63. I have a mini chopper and love it for grating onions and making bread crumbs. Would love to try this new chopper! I’ve seen it on TV and love how it slices vegetables. Something to put on my Christmas wish list!

  64. I use my food processor for so many things: grinding nuts into butter, bread dough in a hurry-but with little yeast to rise slowly and develop flavour, many, many othersways, but my absolute favourite is for making hummous.

  65. Without a doubt, mincing the ingredients for a nice homemade salsa. I love crafting them to a heat that both my wife and I will enjoy (though the first time it was so hot I thought my head was going to explode).

  66. Right now I have a mini Kitchen Aid food processor. I use it most often for chopping my onion, carrots and celery starter when I make soups and stews. If I had a larger version I would definitely use it to purée soups, but would also like to experiment with different types of pesto and hummus.

  67. I am still stuck with my ridiculous and ancient blender. I would take on so many tasks that I avoid now due to not having the proper tool. Soups with no chunks unless there was supposed to be chunks…my cilantro-y salsa (without the usual pain in my wrist from dicing for an hour)…the list goes on….

  68. I would use it to make chilean salsa, like the wonderful stuff that you can buy from a vendor at the Strathcona Farmers Market. I’ve tried to recreate it at home but chopping all those peppers and garlic by hand gets tedious!

  69. I don’t have a food processor, but if I did, I would use it to make pesto. Mmm, pesto and gnocci!

  70. I think a food processor would be awesome for grating cheese (which my wife and I both hate doing) and making pesto!

  71. I would the use the food processor for some fresh hummus or salsa. I found a recipe for white bean hummus, it sounds delicious.

  72. I currently do not have a food processor, but one is on my Christmas list. I would blend soups, sauces, dressings, make pesto and shred veggies and cheese.

  73. Pesto and hummus would be the first things I would make, followed by puréeing a ginger carrot soup!!! Mmm!

  74. I don’t currently have a food processor but I would love to have one. My youngest son can’t eat any solid foods unless they are pureed into mush and I’m currently mashing everything with either my fork or my blender. If I had a food processor it would certainly make feeding him easier.

    Plus then I could make potato latkes without grating my fingertips off. Woohoo!

  75. If I had a food processor, I’d probably do something like:

    10 Pick random page from my Good Eats trilogy of books
    20 Does the recipe not use a food processor?
    * 23 Express fake rage. Pretend to flip table
    * 27 GOTO 10
    30 Make said recipe. Use food processor with relish
    40 Devour result of said recipe
    50 Wait 24 hours
    60 GOTO 10

  76. I love to use them for pureeing beans and to make hummus and then to whip up some dough to make pizza or bagels

  77. Me too, I use my mini processor to make hummus and spinach dip:) love it! If I had a larger one I’d make pizza spread more often. Wow people have posted some great uses for a food processor. Thanks! I’m going to try make frozen banana puree and add oranges too. Yum!

  78. I would make my mom’s amazing chip dip:
    Put a package of cream cheese, 1 cup sour cream, 1 tomato, a bunch of pickled jalapeno slices in the food processor and blend. Put in a pie plate and cover with sliced olives, green onions and bacon. Cover that with salsa and shredded cheese. Eat it all immediately! I would love love love this processor!

  79. I wish I had a food processor…. the first recipe I would make would be a warm crab and artichoke dip, or a mushroom and spinach ravioli filling!

  80. I would use a food processor to crush the shizz out of ice in order to make delicious smoothies and fancy drinks. I would also make super-garlicky hummus and other dips, as well as whip up amazing soups. Plus, I would experiment with new dishes I’ve never tried before because I’ve never had the technology!!!

  81. If I had a food processor I would finally get to making delicious soups. And dips for when I finally have company over. And probably about ten other things on a regular basis. Or I’d give it to my sister who could probably find a hundred things to use it for. Here’s to the random number generator!

  82. I have never had a food processor, other than a Starfrit hand-crank one which was not super effective 😉

    I’m slightly addicted to the Food Network and lately, I keep seeing recipes from pestos to curries to salads which require a food processor. Just the other day, I watched as my dear Jamie Oliver concocted a 4 dish meal in 30 minutes, aided by his trusty food processor. I watched in shear jealously.

    I unfortunately have never owned one and am limited by my lack of chopping skills. No amount of pounding on hazelnuts will ever get them to a find grind … If I won this, I would honestly have so much fun cooking with it. I’d use it 101 ways!

  83. Lately, my favourite function is the blending for the almond meal & powdered sugar for making macarons. I have a pretty small one at the moment that can do that, but nothing like a real food processor. I think I would also blend soups, make pastry doughs, dips, and maybe some curries!

  84. I think food processors are the perfect tool for grating large quantities of carrots and to purée soups. I’d love to have one!

  85. I don’t currently have a food processor but would love to own one! One of the first dishes I would love to make is scalloped potatoes. It would be so quick and easy to slice the potatoes and onions and shred the cheddar cheese with this appliance!

  86. Given the fantastic weather that just hit Edmonton, I’d have to say first on my list is soup! My friend made an amazing parsnip and pear soup last year that I’d love to try to make. Without a food processor, so many recipes become more complicated! Would love to add this tool to my kitchen!

  87. If I had a food processor, I’d give it to my boyfriend for Christmas, so he can make me one of his famous dishes. He’s an amazing chef and comes up with the most creative concoctions (that are very tasty!)

  88. What wouldn’t I use it for!?! Certainly the best thing would be salsa, the next best would be freshly ground nuts for baking, and the next after that would be purees for dips and sauces.

  89. Great seasonal contest Sharon. I have entered the same on from another Canadian blogger down East – but had to jump through a lot of hoops (all optional) for each extra entry. What is my favourite function or what would I do with it? Give it to my daughter getting married November 26th. She has nothing and needs everything. Do you have one? Every kitchen needs a food processor.

  90. I love using my food processor for chopping carrots, celery & onion very finely for my tomato sauce. Also perfect for breadcrumbs. And a great fast and easy chocolate frosting. I love food processors!

  91. I would make carrot cakes and shortbread cookies all the time – my hands get too tired, I havent made those in years!!!!

  92. I have used one for grating carrots and other veggies, and long ago for peanut butter cookies, starting with whole peanuts!

  93. Wow. I never thought of using a food processor to grate cheese. I am famous for injuring myself while doing this. A food processor would save my hands from abuse!

  94. I have a little 1.5 cup processor now which I use for making small batches of dip and mayo. It only has the pulse setting, and barely manages that (cheap college-era purchase). If I had a processor with multiple functions, I’d save my hands from cramping and not hand dice anything. Ever. Nor would I hand mix mayo when I need a bigger batch done.

    Specifically though, this Xmas I’m hoping to make lovely little nut and date balls, then use lollipop sticks to dip them in dark chocolate and coconut oil (for a glossy shine). Having a larger processor with a bit of power would allow me to do my holiday prep work in 1/8th (est.) the time of hand chopping, with a much more consistent result.

  95. I actually just broke my food processor last week… slipped out my hands and fell on the kitchen floor.

    I use it a few times a week to make all sorts of dips for veggies, crackers, chips, even to put on salads, pastas, sandwichs. I make a variety of hummus (red pepper, roasted garlic, sundried tomato), white bean basil dips, white bean with rosemary and goat cheese and black bean dip.

  96. The closest I’ve been to owning a food processor is my hand held blender, I’ve always sliced, chopped, juiliened, grated by hand, can you imagine how much more I could cook and be more productive in the kitchen with a food processor such as the kitchen aide one, I think I would be in heaven, I would put everything through that machine.

  97. We definitely need a need processor in the house!
    The one we have right now is very old and can’t do the job anymore. In our household we find the chopping and pulsing functions particularly helpful for making the filling for spring rolls.

  98. I use them constantly to make flavoured butters. Lemon, thai, greek. The combinations are endless and they add life to any dish!

  99. My food processor doesn’t work very well. If I had this KitchenAide one, I’d be making pineapple carrot cake a lot more often! Mmmm!

  100. I would for sure make pico de gallo, simple yet amazing! Then explore with more advanced things

  101. I would love a food processor! I would do so many things with it. Pesto, dips, soups.. possibilities are endless. But first I think I would ground almonds and attempt making some macarons! Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway, Sharon!

  102. My favourite way to use a food processor is to chop up veggies for a pasta sauce, or a lasagne. It saves SO much time and yup, watching Jamie Oliver reminded me also to do this more often.

  103. My favourite thing to make in the food processor is hummus. We got one as a wedding gift, and I love it, but I have to admit that the larger size would come in handy.

  104. If I had a food processor I would use it to make cashew cheese and nut milks. I find with an ordinary blender it takes so much time and the final product is not the best. Slicing veggies also seems like it be much easier!

  105. My favorite us for a food processor is shredding carrots and diakon radish and any other vegs I want for vietnam subs they are perfect size with lots of crunch you can not get that same shred by hand….

  106. My fav use for a food processor is blending pie crust dough. With just a few pulses you have the perfect foundation for a light, flaky crust. Takes way longer to clean the FP than it does to make the dough.

  107. Thanks for the chance in this great contest! I don’t own one but would love it for the pureeing (to hide veggies for picky eaters, grating cheese, making dips, faster shredding/chopping of anything, making breadcrumbs, my father does this for me using a manual handcranked chopper when he comes to visit so this would be easier. I am sure I could explore other possibilities!

  108. I don’t currently have a food processor but I would love one for dips… mmm… like guac and hummus, etc.

  109. hi well i have to say food processors have saved my cooking skills alot in the past few months, recently i had an accident that is requiring me to temporarily be confined to be in a wheel chair. the hardest part with that in the kitchen however is that when you need to cut or chop up veggies and such you are now doing it at shoulder height compared to standing and chopping. this is a skill we take for granted and really isn’t something a person can do for very long. the chopping that a food processor can do sure helps me out alot in this type of situation and also doesn’t limit me in reducing my veggie or fruit intake because i don’t have to sit and cut at the counter.. these little things we take for granted lol.. what i like about this new one by kitchenaid is the variable thickness feature really looking forward to seeing them, hoping they come down a bit in price , but its on my wishlist now for xmas for sure..

  110. I’ve never owned a food processor so I really can’t say what my favourite function is. I adore cooking though and think a food processor would lower my prep time immensely. I eat loads of veggies and I spend a lot of time chopping and dicing!
    My Mom always had a food processor and it’s one of my distinct childhood memories; hearing the food processor working away in the kitchen. My Mom would make all of her batters and dough in the processor, as well as batter for Yorkshire pudding and I was always amazed at how fast it would grate cheese. Amazing!

  111. Oh I don’t have one. But do I ever wish I did. I have been making more and more stuff that needs a food processor, but my budget (a necessary evil, that) won’t let me buy one. I once used one to grate carrots for my carrot halwa, and I am still impressed years later 🙂

  112. I always find recipes that recommend the food processor for making pastry and it seems so easy! That’s what I would try it for!

  113. I have a mini food processor that I use primarily for hummus and other spreads. If I had a big one like this (& I am asking for one for Christmas!) I plan to use it for pie crusts, cookies, dips, sauces, soups and any other lovely creation I can think of!

  114. I make my grandmother’s recipe for Christmas Cake every year. When she first shared the recipe with me, she went on and on about how many hours she would spend chopping all the fruits and nuts that go into this delicious fruitcake (well, I think it’s delicious but I don’t inflict it on the non-believers)! She gave me the recipe, the pans and her advice to start early in the day in order to get it finished. I was committed to making the cakes and giving them out to her and the rest of the family but once I realized the extent of the chopping required, I promptly pulled out my mom’s old food processor and chopped and whirred my way to fruity goodness in about 15 minutes. Don’t get me wrong – that old food processor is still doing the job, 16 years later…but I sure wouldn’t say no to a new, fancier version and I’m sure Grandma would still love the cake!

  115. Hey Sharon,
    Good food processor is one’s best friend in a kitchen! My kitchen friend is slicing tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, mushrooms; shredding cabbage, radicchio, potatoes, cheese, boiled eggs and finally to crash some ice for a delicious margarita in no time at all.

  116. A food processor is the best thing. I use it to slice, dice, shred, but I love it to make pureed soup. However, my current processor makes me crazy because when I puree soups, the food processor leaks all over, wasting delicious food. Even when I fill it very slightly, soup is all over the counter.

  117. I have a small food processor which I use a lot. I mostly use it for shredding, everything from cheese to onions, to carrots. I also make pizza dough, hummus and pesto. I now have a family of 7, so I would love, love, love the new Kitchenaid processor. We saw a commercial for it on tv the older day and my husband teased me about the drool on my face!!

  118. I don’t have my own food processor – I have to borrow my friend’s! If I had my own food processor, I would definitely use it to make the pastry for my family’s Christmas tourtieres. Last year, my good friend taught me her family recipe for the filling and I made my own batch for my family to enjoy on Christmas Eve. I made the pastry in the food processor and couldn’t believe how great it turned out. I’ve been struggling with making pastry by hand for years and basically avoided recipes that required pastry because of my struggle. The food processor revolutionized my thoughts on pastry! Now, if I had one of my own, I would make sweet and savoury delights all the time! How happy would that make me and the people around me?! And my friend wouldn’t have to lend me her machine! And I wouldn’t be sad everytime I had to give it back!!!

  119. Home made pasta- especially pasta rolls ( canneloni or manicotti) stuffed with ricotta and spinach, topped with homemade tomato sauce. Can make the pasta,blend the tomatoes, mix the filling and shred the parmesan all with one appliance!

  120. I have never had a food processor – been doing everything by hand – but I would be baking bread and making my soups!

  121. My favourite food processor function has to be the shredding function: mostly carrots for carrot salad and carrot cake, potatoes for potato pancakes and lots of cheese.

  122. We have an old old food processor that gets a good work out about once a week. Shredding cheese, slicing veggies, making dough, grinding beef for burgers, making pesto…and lots of other stuff. A new one would get great use!

  123. Nothing like making fresh basil pesto in late summer from basil that you’ve tended to! Basil hates to be cold, too wet, too dry, too anything…so if you can grow it, it’s a real Alberta treat! We make enough to have fresh and freeze for eating during the winter. Couldn’t do it without the processor!

  124. Wow, great giveaway Sharon! I’ve been pining after a food processor for years … and the first thing I would make would be hummus! It’s impossible to get smooth in a stand-up blender and way too much work for my little immersion blender. I’d make it way more if I had one of these.

  125. Would definitely use it to make some baby food for my 8 month old son! And also to grate some cheese for my favorite, nachos!

  126. I currently don’t have a food processor but will love to prepare my own fresh pesto! Chop onions, peppers, garlic….

  127. We have a powerless Moulinex beast from the mid-90s, but it does the trick on hummous, pesto, and for shredding quantities of carrot (mmmm carrot cake) and cheese. An update would be fantastic! (Plus a bigger kitchen so it can sit out on the counter.)

  128. I would Use it to make cookie dough, because I love baking, making pastry dough, and do some good choping , like chop apples, also I want to use it to grind almonds and make french macaroon.

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