City Market Report: Week 20

If last Saturday was a little burst of summer, today saw a full-on shift to fall – breezy, overcast and chilly.

City Market

Fall at the City Market

The final cultural festival, celebrating African culture, took place today, but as Mack and I were attending a wedding later this morning, we weren’t able to stay to take in the performances. I’m sure they were fantastic though!

We ducked around to pick up our week’s groceries, and of course, snapped a few pictures along the way.

Sundog Organics

Carrots from Sundog Organic Farm

Sundog Organics

Kohlrabi from Sundog Organic Farm

Steve & Dan's

Blueberries from Steve & Dan’s

Green Valley Farms

Brussels sprouts from Green Valley Farm


Flowers from Kuhlmann’s


Turnips from Kuhlmann’s


Pattypan and summer squash from Kuhlmann’s


Massive zucchini from Kuhlmann’s

Riverbend Gardens

Gourds at Riverbend Gardens

Though next week will see the last outdoor City Market of 2011, I’m excited that the move to the indoor venue won’t skip a beat – the City Market begins at City Hall on October 15, 2011! Though I realize that not all of the vendors have put in their applications for the indoor market yet, it would be helpful to shoppers to know which vendors have already planned to continue with the City Market this fall. Some vendors like Sundog Organics and Irvings Farm Fresh have taken marketing their presence into their own hands, but it would have been great if a blackboard at the info tent could feature the confirmed list of vendors moving into City Hall (or even better, the website could be updated with that information).

Sundog Organics

Sundog will be at City Hall!

See you next week at the last outdoor City Market of the year!

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