City Market Report: Week 19

It’d be very easy to get used to autumn mornings like the one we were treated to today – a touch chilly in the shade, but sunny and bright and full of optimism for the season ahead.

Unlike most Saturdays, I was actually up early this morning, staffing the Downtown Edmonton Community League booth for the fall membership drive. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi!


Chris and I ❤ yegdt! (DECL’s last day at the market selling memberships is October 8, 2011)

It was a busy day at the City Market, as the teams competing in the Edmonton International Film Festival’s annual 24/One Challenge descended on the street to sign in for the competition.


Kerrie Long, Festival Producer, was this market’s bellringer


EIFF program, anyone?

As a tie-in, the market invited vendors and patrons alike to dress up in their favourite 80’s movies characters. Though only about a half dozen people did so, it still added to the day’s festivities!

The Bangle Box

The Blues Brothers at The Bangle Box

Prairie Mill

Owen (of Prairie Mill)’s homage to Top Secret

Pretty in Pink

August Studio Ceramics is Pretty in Pink

Mack and I were lucky enough to have been asked to be the judges in the competition, and although The Bangle Box, Prairie Mill and Studio Ceramic rounded out our top four, there was no doubt who had our favourite costume.

Three Ghostbusters fans, members of the Alberta franchise of Ghostbusters Canada, brought their proton packs, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Ecto-1 and their passion for the films to the market, to the delight of adults and kids alike (though I think the younger ones were just excited to see an inflatable mascot). It turned out the trio had set up at the market to entertain the crowds, but deservingly, walked away with the top prize – two VIP passes to the film festival.


Who you gonna call?

We also came across a poster that will be used in an upcoming marketing campaign for the winter continuation of the market in City Hall (which starts October 15). I love the tie-in of the transit ticket.

Year-round market!

Hurrah for a year-round City Market!

Oh, and let’s not forget the produce!

Jen's Organic Garden

Bok choy from Jen’s Organic Garden

Steve & Dan's

Concord grapes from Steve & Dan’s

Little Shoots Neighbourhood Farm

Sunflower shoots from Little Shoots Neighbourhood Farm (really worth trying if you haven’t already)

Sundog Organic Farm

Radishes from Sundog Organic Farm

Sundog Organic Farm

Carrots from Sundog Organic Farm

Sundog Organic Farm

Fairytale eggplant from Sundog Organic Farm

Sundog Organic Farm

Garlic scapes from Sundog Organic Farm


Brussel sprouts from Kuhlmann’s


Parsley from Kuhlmann’s


Patrons attack the corn at Kuhlmann’s

It was also great to see Patty Milligan again at the City Market for the first time in a few months – she’s back for the remainder of the outdoor market dates, but then that’s it for Lola Canola! Patty will be moving on to other things – so make sure to stop by and say hi in the next few weeks!

Lola Canola

Patty’s back!

Next week, the City Market is hosting it’s final cultural festival of the year – Africa Fest. See you there!

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