City Market: Week 17

After so many dismal market days this year, it feels like we’ve earned this extended summer. There were many people taking advantage of it at the City Market today.

City Market

City Market

We had a prior engagement in the morning, but finally made it to the market this afternoon. There was actually still a decent selection for late in the day.

Sundog Organic Farm

Bok choy from Sundog Organic Farm

Sundog Organic Farm

Potatoes from Sundog Organic Farm

Sundog Organic Farm

Gourds from Sundog Organic Farm

Steve & Dan's

Grapes from Steve & Dan’s

Steve & Dan's

Apples from Steve & Dan’s

Riverbend Gardens

Corn from Riverbend Gardens

Gull Valley Greenhouse

Tomatoes from Gull Valley

We missed the market last week, so didn’t see the debut of Van Os Dairy to the City Market. Van Os sells organic milk (processed by Saxby Foods), and will soon also start offering butter, yogurt, cream and cheese as well.

Van Os Dairy

Van Os Dairy

It’s great that local, organic milk is now accessible at the market! You can read more about Van Os and Saxby in this article by Jud Schultz.

As a part of Community League Day on September 17, the Downtown Edmonton Community League is hosting Corn Fest over at Beaver Hills House Park (105 Street and Jasper Avenue). If you’re at the market next Saturday, come by for some free corn! See you at the market next week!

2 thoughts on “City Market: Week 17

  1. Terrific to see, again, your mouth-watering photos on a such a splendid Saturday afternoon, Sharon. So good of you and Mack to spend the morning with us “visioning”, and then to get the gift of your weekly trip to the market.

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