Announcing: What the Truck?! 2

Our biggest regret in organizing the first What the Truck?! back in June was not being able to accommodate more vendors. In the days leading up to the event, we heard about several more trucks, but unfortunately, Beaver Hills House Park was already bursting at the seams. So when we were planning for the next What the Truck?!, we knew we would have to relocate to a larger space. And since trucks are meant to hit the road anyway, why not close a street?

What the Truck?! 2 will be taking place on September 16, 2011, from 4-8pm on 102 Street, just south of Jasper Avenue. The street will be closed to food truck traffic only(!), and we will be parking picnic tables in the adjacent Abbey Lane park. Thomas and Marc, of the Urban Monks DJs, will be back spinning tunes for us that night!

Abbey Glen Park

To be colonized with food trucks

We are also happy to announce that all seven vendors from the first What the Truck?! are back, but we are thrilled to welcome three new trucks to the event: Drift, Nomad and Molly’s Eats. Check out the full truck roster here.

In the next few weeks leading up to the event, Mack and I will be posting more about some of the challenges we faced in planning the first What the Truck?!, and more importantly, what we learned about Edmonton’s street vending program. But in the meantime, please RSVP to the event on Facebook – we hope to see you on September 16 for more eats and beats in the heart of the city!

8 thoughts on “Announcing: What the Truck?! 2

  1. Really sorry I’m going to miss this event, but happy about the reason I’m going to miss it! My wife and I will be at the big daddy of food truck events in San Francisco ( Off the grid- that evening!

    Hope everything goes smoothly for you guys.

  2. Chris beat you to it – his announcement came out seconds after the facebook invitation. I cannot wait… do you think they will really be ready for this? It will be PACKED!

  3. Hi Sharon , is there room for one more vendor , check out ouur site , we do real BBQ and would like to be part of your event

  4. Baconhound – thanks for your well wishes! We’re sorry you’ll miss WTT, but I look forward to reading about Off the Grid when you get back. Have fun!

    Ian – glad you’ll be able to make it!

    Valerie – we hope it will be packed! Good weather would certainly help our cause – fingers crossed!

    Terry – I am sending an e-mail your way!

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