City Market Report: Week 11

Though I love visiting farmers’ markets while travelling, it’s always a bit frustrating because I’m never able to partake in the produce. I ended up browsing two different markets while in Toronto last week, and though their growing season is a bit further along than ours (corn was already available), it was nice to come home and fill our basket at the City Market this morning.

City Market

Long lost sun!

We were treated to a beautiful Saturday, something that has been quite rare this summer. But on a long weekend, it felt extra special.

City Market

Squash blossoms from Sundog Organic Farm

City Market

Kale from Sundog Organic Farm

City Market

Zucchini from Sundog Organic Farm

City Market

Squash from Kuhlmann’s

City Market

Carrots from Kuhlmann’s

City Market

Beans from Kuhlmann’s

City Market

Cauliflower from Riverbend Gardens

In addition to a great variety of produce, some stone fruit was also available.

City Market

Peaches from Steve & Dan’s

City Market

Apricots from Steve & Dan’s

We also tried bacon jerky from Irvings for the first time! It was a marriage of two of Mack’s favourite things – dangerously delicious. Perhaps it was for the best that it was sold out already.

City Market

Bacon jerky

Up at the market next week: India Fest on August 6, 2011. Expect traditional folk dances and drumming. See you there!

3 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 11

  1. We got some of the purple cauliflower, broad beans from the vender across from Riverbend gardens, and of course kettle corn.
    For the second week in a row we couldn’t get any pea shoots. Had to give up and go to Safeway.
    I liked the bacon jerky, but found it a bit expensive. The bacon chops at Irvings farms are fantastic… have you tried them?

  2. Baconhound – I haven’t seen any pea shoots for a while either, but then again, I’ve had pretty late starts at the market the last few weeks. I think the bacon jerky is worth it because it’s a unique product :). But no, I haven’t tried the bacon chops yet – thanks for the suggestion!

    Katharine – thanks! Mack took most of them actually. Yes, agreed, there’s nothing like the visual of fresh produce under the sun!

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