City Market Report: Week 8 (and Taste 118…sort of)

I thought I had popped down to the City Market at an opportune time this morning, finding a fortuitous break in the clouds. Well, it lasted all of several minutes, then the rain returned.

More grey

More grey

That seems to be the norm so far this year – I can only hope things get better from here, otherwise the market won’t achieve the same kind of banner attendance numbers that they did in 2010.

On the plus side, the rain does mean shoppers don’t necessarily have to be early birds in order to have a good selection (I was able to get the last box of strawberries from Sundog Organics at 11!). And, it was a very good week for vegetables.

Sundog Organics

Gorgeous herbs at Sundog Organics

Sundog Organics

Field grown tomatoes from Sundog Organics

Sundog Organics

Garlic scapes from Sundog Organics


Peas, glorious peas at Kuhlmann’s


Dill from Kuhlmann’s


A variety of lettuces at Kuhlmann’s

Green Valley Farms

Broccoli at Green Valley Farm

Riverbend Gardens

Vibrant carrots from Riverbend Gardens

Riverbend Gardens

Kohlrabi from Riverbend Gardens

The Filipino festival was supposed to take place today, rain or shine, and we did hear some music later that morning, but I can imagine performing in the downpour would not have been pleasant. Here’s hoping there’s more market conducive weather next week!

Afterwards, Mack and I hopped on the train and headed to Alberta Avenue for the Taste 118 event. The event was to encourage visitors to explore the great restaurants in the neighbourhood, in addition to perusing sidewalk retail set-ups on a festive afternoon. Due to the rain, however, the event was cancelled – unfortunate and curious, given most of the activities would have been indoors anyway (the Highlands Street Festival last year went on regardless of the downpour, and the weather most definitely encouraged people to take refuge, and thus browse shops). Taste 118 may be rescheduled for next Saturday, but keep your eyes on the Facebook page to be sure.

Battista's Calzones

Taste 118 poster

Still, the promise of the event got us down to Battista’s Calzones, which seemed to be the catch-all for other wanderers also hoping for good eats.

Battista's Calzones

Full house

It was Mack’s first time at the restaurant (though I’ve brought him leftover calzones in the past). His first calzone served hot out of the oven lived up to the hype – success!

Battista's Calzones


We found Liv behind the counter too, serving up samples of biscotti and cookies. She will be selling her products out of Battista’s – perfect for those looking for a sweet ending after their lunch. The Nutella biscotti I tried was fantastic – best of luck, Liv, with your venture!

Battista's Calzones

Liv and Battista

We also sampled some of Baconhound’s homemade Baileys  – there’s nothing more festive than a shot of liqueur on a summer afternoon.

Battista's Calzones

Bottom’s up!

Hope you had an equally good Saturday!

4 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 8 (and Taste 118…sort of)

  1. I remember reading your posting a few weeks ago about the Downtown Farmer’s Market Association’s proposal of a permanent indoor market. At that time, I was thinking that it wouldn’t be a good move given the good atmosphere that the outdoor market has. But then, thinking about it today with the rain that we’ve had today and a couple of weekends ago, I wonder how many people were also thinking that an indoor market isn’t such a bad idea. I still like outdoor markets, but perhaps a indoor market held all year round 4-5 days per week may be economically more viable for the vendors and might be something that ends up being better for downtown especially considering all of the competing farmer’s markets in Edmonton and surrounding communities.

  2. Thanks for the mention, I appreciate it, and I’m glad you liked the “Baileys”.
    Great post. Too bad about the event being such a dud, except for Battistas. Seems like it was very poorly organized, unlike a recent food truck event I attended recently…

  3. I love the downtown market – and the outside is a huge draw for me – yet, I do not go down in the pouring rain. I still go if it is windy or sprinkling… so, I believe that an investment in a covered walkway of some kind that could be set up on the rainy days would be money well spent. Surely the association has some money for this kind of thing? If not, it is a good time to start a fund raiser.

  4. Buddha Pest – I, too hope for a permanent indoor market downtown, but not at the expense of the outdoor market. I realize the attendance waivers because of the weather, but I suppose that’s just a part of the business of an outdoor market. I’m sure we will hear more about the Board’s research into other potential indoor venues this year, though.

    Baconhound – sorry we didn’t get to meet officially! Agreed that the event wasn’t very well organized. Hopefully it is just a first time blip though.

    Valerie – I had never thought about a covered walkway…nor have I ever come across the idea before. Wonder if the Board has considered it before, or at least investigated its viability? I would think that would be something that would impact the choice of location. 8 more years on 104 Street :).

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