City Market: Week 5 (plus Africa Connect!)

Oh, it was a miserable day at the City Market on Saturday. The rain was spiteful, coming down hard that morning.


Rain, rain go away

Jill had joined me, and probably regretted doing so when it became clear a poncho, wellies and waterproof shopping bags would be necessary. Still, she kept me in good spirits – the market is always better with friends!


Jill tries a dolmade at Theo’s Greek Kouzina

We came across a new vendor on Saturday – Jen’s Organic Garden is a family-run booth, selling produce grown in the garden of a regular city lot. Between this vendor and Little Shoots Neighbourhood Farm, I have to wonder if the trend of basing a viable business in one’s home has finally hit Edmonton?

Jen's Organic Garden

Jen’s Organic Garden

We heard that the final numbers of the day were around 4,500 (compared with the usual 12,000 that visit the market). There’s no question those that made it down had their pick of a great selection of products though!


Spring onions from Kuhlmann’s


Parsnips from Kuhlmann’s

Greens, Eggs and Ham

Radishes from Greens, Eggs and Ham

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the rain lets up next week!

After dropping off our groceries, Jill and I headed to Africa Connect, a one-time event the City of Edmonton organized to celebrate African cultures, and to encourage learning exchanges.

Africa Connect


There were over 100 exhibitors, including non-profit organizations, City departments, and market vendors (some were more decidedly out of place than others – like Tupperware). Jill and I wished African cuisine could have been on the menu, but the EXPO Centre doesn’t allow external food to be served on the premises.




These gorillas made me laugh

The Hall was definitely spirited, and those who were in the crowds seemed to be enjoying themselves.


Romeo & Group Hip Hop performs

An article in today’s Journal pegged the overall attendance to be 3,000 – double what the City expected. Given the resources dedicated to the event, it’s a shame that more people didn’t attend!

Next weekend will be an equally busy one in the city – make sure to check out ShareEdmonton for a list of events if you’re interested!

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