Birthday Brunch: Bistro La Persaud

May had told me that she had a good brunch experience at Bistro La Persaud, so I thought it might be a nice place to take Grandma Male for her birthday. The restaurant has garnered quite the reputation in the blogosphere for dinner, but I hadn’t read much about its brunch offerings. Still, based on its standing alone, I was quite certain we’d be in for a quality meal.

Bistro La Persaud

Bistro La Persaud patio

I had made a reservation for our party of three, but it wasn’t necessary. Though it took us a few wrong turns to finally make it to the restaurant (the signage wasn’t clear that the eatery was, in fact, at the bottom of the stairs), we found ourselves in a dining room with two other parties.

The space, modern in shades of steel and red, looked great at first glance. The artwork (including a stunning painting of the Edmonton skyline alight with colour by Con Boland) were also great choices. But after a while, both Mack and I felt that there was something faintly institutional about the room. We were only able to articulate it later that day – it was the fluorescent lights, likely a carry over from the campus design. Though it didn’t impact our experience (because of the flood of natural light from the open patio), it did make us wonder about the setting for evening meals.

The menu items have a familiar brunch air to them, but with a refinement that we weren’t used to. For example, instead of a diner-style French toast, meant to be slathered in butter and drenched in syrup, the La Persaud version is served with foie gras morsels and cherry verjus compote. Grandma Male and Mack both opted for the eggs benedict ($15), while I was swayed by the eggs ravioli ($16), something I’d never seen on any menu before.

Included in our meal were warm(!) croissants and corn muffins served with red pepper jelly and a lovely jam, along with an adorable pot of fruits in a light syrup. It felt like a little gift!

Bistro La Persaud

Warm croissants and cornbread

Bistro La Persaud


Our food arrived in good time, but we wished our server had been a little more consistent with the coffee refills. Mack wasn’t sure how he would eat his towering stack of egg and bread, but after cutting into it, he realized the bread was softer than it first appeared. The eggs were soft poached, as promised, and he loved the lavender hollandaise as well. He didn’t care for the salmon mousse, though.

Bistro La Persaud

Eggs benedict

My eggs ravioli were as elegant as I expected, garnished with microgreens (is it just me, or have microgreens come back in a fierce way?). The truffle & brown butter sauce was delicious, soaked into the morels underneath the ravioli. I was hoping the ravioli yolk would be a little less cooked (they were medium and not soft poached), but as a whole, I enjoyed the dish.

Bistro La Persaud

Eggs ravioli

At the end of our meal, we were given another small treat – chocolate truffles!

Bistro La Persaud

A sweet ending

In all, our meal at Bistro La Persaud was pleasant. Based on this experience, I’d definitely be back for dinner.

Bistro La Persaud
11821 145 Street
(780) 455-1888
Lunch: Monday-Friday 11:30am-3pm; Dinner: Tuesday-Sunday 5pm-close; Brunch: Sunday 11am-3pm

5 thoughts on “Birthday Brunch: Bistro La Persaud

  1. Pleasant? 🙂
    Haven’t been there – don’t plan to any time soon.
    I adore egg yolk ravioli – but two might be one too many!
    I had my first one at Corso 32 and have seen photos and wanted to taste one for years. Yeah, Edmonton!
    I can’t wait to make these myself!

  2. Hey Sharon – isn’t that on the south side- La Cite Francophone? Will have to try it! Love eggs benny!

  3. Valerie – I can’t wait to read about your homemade versions :).

    Jill – it is La Cite! you’ll have to tell me if they’re better than the bennies at the Blue Chair!

    KatyBelle – it’s a beautiful building, with all that glass!

  4. The address you have listed is not for the location on the south side, it may be for their catering office…

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