Food Notes for June 6, 2011

Last week flew by, partially because I was sick for half of it, but mostly because we had U2 to look forward to! I have to say, I was more excited for the potential spectacle of it all – it was my first rock concert, and definitely my first concert with that many people. Best of all, it did live up to my expectations – my favourite moment had to be the romance of starry-lit cell phones in a darkened Commonwealth Stadium. Thanks, Mack for taking me! On to this week’s food notes:



Chopped Leaf

The Chopped Leaf

  • The second location of Press’d, on Jasper Avenue and 112 Street, is coming along!


Press’d, part 2

  • There had been some action in the empty Taco del Mar storefront in Icon I, but we didn’t know what would be going into the space…until this week. Looks like like there’s bubble tea in 104 Street’s future!

Bubble Buzz

Bubble Buzz

  • I’m having a love affair with Sundog Organics pea tendrils (they are my current favourite harbinger of spring). We’re trying to enjoy them in different ways: today, we used them as a topping on our burger made with Greens, Eggs and Ham ground turkey. They were great – fresh and crisp, it definitely helped to brighten up the burger.

Turkey Burger with Pea Tendrils

Turkey burger with pea tendrils

4 thoughts on “Food Notes for June 6, 2011

  1. I love that The Chopped Leaf is open! It is one of my fave quick places to go for food in Kelowna. I highly recommend it.

  2. I always enjoy your “Food Notes…”. You pack so much info into one blog.
    P.S. your burger looks awesome!

  3. I agree that pea tendrils are an incredible Spring treat. I love them on anything and everything and as a garnish. They are also stellar tossed into a simple hot pasta. The first time I ever tried them wasn’t so long ago – about a year and a half ago at Olives restaurant in Boston (Todd English was there) and I had pea tendril pasta. I had never heard of them, and that summer at the market, there they were! I went nuts – and they are back again this year – but in between… they have popped up everywhere… in major chain grocery stores, too…. I guess when a good thing is discovered, it does not take long to find its way to the plate through a variety of routes!
    Great information, Sharon!

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