Food Notes for April 25, 2011

I didn’t think I’d get swept up in Royal Wedding fever, but I should have known otherwise. Will you be up early to watch the ceremony on Friday too? On to this week’s food notes:

  • Tickets for Indulgence 2011, to be held on June 13 will be on sale May 2. The organizers are extending the event a half hour, which will be sure to help attendees hit every station if they so choose. Be sure to pick up tickets soon; they are sure to go fast! 
  • Kerstin’s Chocolates is partnering with Alley Kat Brewery for a special tasting on May 26, 2011, which will see chocolates paired with beer.
  • Mack and I were thrilled to be asked to act as judges for Century Hospitality Group’s second annual Top Chef tournament. Our bio pages are here and here.
  • Liane posted a write-up about Prairie Bistro, the restaurant at the new Enjoy Centre, run by Julianne Mimande.
  • I heard some great things about Slow Food’s annual Northern Food Night, so I was happy to be able to read about it on Twyla’s blog.
  • For those dim sum newbies: a dim sum dictionary.
  • There really is a second life for almost everything: lobster shells are being turned into biodegradable golf balls.
  • A piece in the NYT about the insatiable appetite for spring ramps (a traditionally foraged food), got me thinking about other “wild” products – will we ever reach a point here where the demand ravages the supply?
  • I saw these too-cute cake pops at Starbucks last week. But they are easy to recreate at home too, or at least, the cheater versions are, heh.


Starbucks cake pops

  • Mack and I met up with Thom on the weekend for some gelato at Famoso. Maria had told me that they had a peanut butter and jam flavour – talk about unique! I couldn’t really taste the Saskatoon berries, but the creaminess of the peanut butter was tasty enough!


Thom and Mack

  • I can’t tell you how excited I was to see Blue Plate Diner’s patio go in this week – bring on the al fresco weather!

Blue Plate Diner

Blue Plate Diner

3 thoughts on “Food Notes for April 25, 2011

  1. Hi Sharon and thanks very much as always for your weekly Food Notes. I saw a billboard last week while going north on 99 street just before 63rd avenue for a Beer Festival this weekend at the Shaw Conference centre (April 29 & 30). I would hope that the local microbreweries will be represented there as well as other craft breweries but I haven’t had much luck in finding anymore about the event other than a website with very little information.

  2. Yay! I am always so happy when I find a fellow Edmonton blogger… especially one who writes about great restaurants! I have yet to visit Blue Plate Diner, I’ll have to check it out. Awesome blog 🙂

  3. Jim – my apologies; I think I missed your very timely comment, so didn’t look into the Beer Festival, unfortunately. Were you able to check it out?

    Leah – thanks for reading! And yes, there are lots of Edmonton blogs to check out (my sidebar is badly in need of a revamp) – Valerie ( is better at keeping abreast of the local food blogs anyway!

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