Walking at Work: Update

I thought I’d write an update about the walking club, given I’ve been pretty silent about it since my first and only post.

I won’t lie; the winter, especially this winter, was a difficult one to get through. Even with my belief in the power of walking and fresh air, coupled with a bit of a stubborn obsession to not let this group die, it was challenging in the dead of winter.

We found an indoor space nearby (about a two minute walk from our office) that served as our outdoor alternative, but truth be told, it was a hard sell. Why would one want to get all dressed up, only to have to discard their winter gear once indoors, else overheat?

But I kept the option open, and there were a scraggly few that joined me on those bleak Wednesdays. One memorable afternoon involved Jill and myself, stepping out into the -36 weather, trying to convince ourselves that it wasn’t as cold as it was.

Hurrah for walking!

My coworkers love being outside!

There were a few weeks where I didn’t venture outside (Wednesday or not), but for the most part, I found winter walking more calming than in warmer weather, and really enjoyed my solo walks on other days. It had something to do with the fact that the neighbourhood was blanketed in white and the snow absorbing some of the sound, transforming the streets to a peaceful, glistening wonderland.

Blue sky

Look to the sky

Spring brings new challenges – sure, potholes are an issue, but what about concave sidewalks that are every walker’s nuisance? Wellies are an absolute necessity with lakes puddles like these.


With puddles like these, who needs lakes?

The open road

In the last week, I’ve just taken up walking on the road

I plan on continuing this weekly group activity, which should pick up as the weather improves. Along the way, I did learn many lessons that factor into the success of the group.

  1. Appropriate footwear: those who wear spiked heels in the winter, or flats in the spring thaw aren’t likely to be active walkers, at least, not without a pair of outdoor shoes with them at the office.
  2. Time: I still believe it would be easier to run such a group in an office where work schedules are more predictable, and where staff are mostly desk-bound. Many of my colleagues don’t control their own schedules, and are out of the office for long periods of time.
  3. Consistency: even if they aren’t a part of the group themselves, my entire office now knows that Wednesdays are synonymous with walking, and the group is open to everyone.

I should also mention the support – moral and otherwise – provided by the resource person at the Alberta Centre for Active Living. Her regular e-mails helped keep me on my toes, as I didn’t want to disappoint her!

Walking army

There they go!

I hope the spring brings renewed (or continued) physical activity for you as well!

4 thoughts on “Walking at Work: Update

  1. Nice post SY! I remember that darn cold day – we finally wimped out and headed inside to walk!
    I’ve been actually trying to do a walk each day at lunch- there’s more fun things in the neighbourhood where I am now. Although not pretty and mature trees…

  2. We used to have a sidewalk lake. Tired of shoveling water, I figured it’d be best to treat the problem and do some boulevard landscape editing. No more lake.

  3. Amanda – I’ll wear Hunters if you give me yours :).

    Jill – glad you’re continuing two clubs over there, heh. I’d miss the mature trees too, but it is a trade-off to be where you are!

    Kevin – that’s definitely ideal. For the particular sidewalk above, we won’t have to worry about it in a few years – the LRT will actually be running on it!

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