City Market: City Hall Edition

The City Market is back, ten weeks early! Last week, it was announced that the downtown farmers’ market would be operating in City Hall from March 12 until May 14, after which the market would return to 104 Street. Mack and I were happy to have a farmers’ market within walking distance again, and were excited to check it out this afternoon.

City Market

City Market @ City Hall

Flush with natural light, the City Room was as close as we could get to having an outdoor market indoors. Many of the vendors remarked at how bright and open it felt, and of course, how warm it was – the heated tents were definitely not ideal for our climate. The only thing that seemed to be missing, atmosphere-wise, was music.

There were over two dozen vendors present, a good mix of City Market regulars and new vendors. It was good to see Medicine Man Bison, Nature’s Green Acres, Prairie Mill, Barr Estate WineryMighty Trio Organics, Kuhlmann’s and Steve and Dan’s out.

City Market

Steve & Dan’s Fresh BC Fruit

Doef’s and MoNa, stalwart vendors during the May to October market season, will also be at City Hall (MoNa will be back April 2, after a short break).

City Market


Several vendors who have weekly booths at other markets have also joined the City Market, including Shooting Star Ranch and Gold Forest Grains (regulars at the Alberta Avenue Market) and Bella Dolce Bakery (who also sells at Salisbury).

City Market

Bella Dolce Bakery (their biscotti are perfect for dipping, made without shortening or fat, which means they won’t fall apart)

The last winter City Market we attended in the parkade was a bit disappointing – we found a trip to the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market was still necessary to get the rest of our groceries for the week. Now, with the variety of fruit, vegetables, proteins and other products, the winter City Market is now more of a one-stop shop! Kudos to the organizers – we’ll be back next week!

12 thoughts on “City Market: City Hall Edition

  1. sharon,

    beautiful pics as always!
    just to let you know i was there around noonish and there was MUSIC. a couple of different performers in the short time i browsed the vendors. the music was GREAT! i thought at first it was being ‘piped’ in and was really surprised to see the performer’s live and in person….wonderful touch! it really made the whole experience really special.

    su 🙂

  2. Supersu – thanks for letting me know that there was music…I’m sorry to have missed it! Maybe in following weeks they will have performers throughout?

    Chris – indeed, I almost didn’t want to mention it. But yes, just for one week!

    Valerie – hopefully, a permanent location is secured for next year!

  3. That looks amazing, something we need so much at this time of year. I miss Medicine Man Bison. I have to check out the market soon

  4. Maybe you should mention all the vendors in attendance, instead of just the one’s that you like. Just a thought.

  5. Andrea – yeah, it’s great to have another market option in the winter!

    Kevin – hopefully they have musicians this week as well.

    ern – my intention was never to provide a comprehensive list of vendors. Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market, for example, does e-mail out lists of vendors a few days before their market day. Perhaps the City Market staff might consider doing that also if there is a demand?

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