Food Notes for November 22, 2010

On cold nights like this, walking home, it’s hard not to think about those who don’t have a place of their own. Even though this year’s homeless count estimates that the numbers have decreased since 2008, there is still a long way to go. As we approach Christmas – remember your local charities this holiday season! On to this week’s food notes:

  • Billingsgate (7331 104 Street) is hosting an open house on Saturday, November 27 @ 10am-2pm, celebrating their 103 year in business. Lobster bisque will be sampled.
  • Need some help deciding on a gift? Sherbrooke Liquor Store will be holding a Christmas Spirit”s” show at the Capilano Community League (10819 54 Street) on November 27 from 5-9pm, with sampling tickets available at the door.
  • Transcend’s upcoming Barista Jam on December 4 at the Argyll location sounds like a lot of fun. Look forward to an espresso throwdown, taste Alberta-roasted espressos, and test your ability to identify the odd-espresso out.
  • To celebrate Terra Madre Day on December 10, Slow Food Edmonton is screening the episode of The Endless Feast that was shot in Edmonton last year, as well as a documentary about a Prairie farming family. To sweeten the deal, there will be local meat and cheese to snack on, and Amber’s beer and EnSante wine to drink!
  • For more food and drink events, check out City and Dale’s Holiday Eats & Drinks Guide.
  • I had heard rumblings about this, but it’s nice to finally have it confirmed – Culina will be moving into the cafe space in the Muttart Conservatory! I have no doubt the recognizable name will help draw many more people into our beautiful river valley, and I am glad to hear they will be taking advantage of the greenhouses to grow their own food. They hope to be open by Christmas.
  • New bakery alert: La Manarca, at 4119 106 Street, will be hosting its grand opening on December 1.
  • On the topic of bakeries – Duchess has a brand-spankin’ new website. It looks great!
  • Passing by what used to be Kai on 109 Street and Jasper Avenue, it looks like it is Kai no longer – a sign posted said they are hiring for Ruby Dragon. Though this ad says they will be opening on November 18, it still looked like it was under construction. Any updates?
  • Chris reviewed Bubba’s BBQ & Smoke House last week. Sounds delish!
  • Mack pointed me to a great little blog by Lightside Photo – they are currently doing a feature called “30 Days of Edmonton”, and alongside beautiful photos, they posted an interview with the owner of Cha Island Tea today.
  • More on GMO salmon – and it isn’t good.
  • Mack and I were in the area of Everything Cheese on the weekend, so decided to stop by. While the selection may not be as deep as Paddy’s (though they will be getting in shipments from Neal’s Yard Dairy soon), there is no doubt it is a stunning space. I also much appreciated the labels – both next to the cheeses inside the case, and printed onto labels for customers to easily reference. While it’s a little out of the way for us, I can imagine those in the area are floored with this new neighbourhood addition!

Everything Cheese

Everything Cheese

Everything Cheese

Hurrah for labels!

Everything Cheese

A fun stocking stuffer – bags that allow one to make a grilled cheese right inside the toaster

  • Next door to Everything Cheese is Secret Sweets (14910 45 Avenue, 780-479-3387), whose tagline is “because you don’t always have time to bake!” The baked good sold leaned more towards nostalgic than gourmet (snickerdoodles, Rice Krispie balls, cupcakes and shortbread), but from what we sampled, it’s a solid local option to satisfy the sweet tooth. They’re also looking into offering bread some time in the future as well.

Secret Sweets

Secret Sweets

  • We finally got our lights up outside (of course we waited until it was –30 to do so). Only 33 days until Christmas!

Christmas Lights

Love that LED glow

5 thoughts on “Food Notes for November 22, 2010

  1. My family adores this weekly synopsis from Sharon Yeo. It takes A LOT of research, writing, photography, editing and packaging to offer such a superb series. It is appreciated.

  2. Jeff – yes, the labels definitely help! I know I end up forgotting most of what I was told the moment I leave the store!

    FoodieMcPoon – thanks! Yes, definitely check out the little foodie strip in the south.

    el_monton – thanks for reading!

  3. La Manarca – where is this (is it in the same complex as Yokozuna or is it across the street closer to the library)?


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