Olde Time Fair on the Square 2010

Mack and I managed to catch the tail end of the Olde Time Fair on the Square at Churchill Square on Saturday afternoon, just before ducking off to Jane & Yi-Li’s wedding reception.

Churchill Square

Churchill Square

The set-up seemed similar to last year, though it seemed most of the family-oriented activities had wrapped up for the day, with the exception of the always-popular petting zoo and hay rides. There were several food vendors were on-site (including Eva Sweet, Fat Franks and the Fork and Spoon Brigade) and even live entertainment.




Test your strength



The big draw for us, of course, was being able to pick up some produce from the City Market vendors. As expected, the proportion of craft to food vendors was higher than during the regular season, but there were many familiar faces from the Market, including Medicine Man Bison, Green Valley Farm, Sunhill Gardens, Coal Lake Honey and Prairie Mill.

Inside the tent

Inside the tent

Kuhlmann’s had the largest display by far, and probably the most inviting, if not only because most of the other vendors were in enclosed tents with much less natural light.



While I’m excited that the City Market is continuing until mid December in this way on Churchill Square, the limited number of food vendors would make it difficult to do the majority of my shopping. Moreover, as no list is published to let the public know who will be attending which market, heading to the Old Stratchcona Farmers’ Market just seems like the more efficient choice – at least until the City Market finds an official indoor home for the winter months!

City Market vendors


Regardless, I’m glad we were able take in the event – it’s always great to see a bustling downtown!

6 thoughts on “Olde Time Fair on the Square 2010

  1. I forgot about the market in Churchill Square this saturday but I was at the downtown library for International Home Movie Day and had a quick stroll through the square. It was good to see all the activity, there needs to be more of this all the time.

  2. I was there when it opened – the family activities were great! Whoever planned that aspect did a great job.

    Although I’m extremely pleased some vendors have a venue, I agree that the scale [ie, number of vendors] is an issue if the usual City Market crowd is intended to be drawn there.

  3. Jean – I agree!

    Valerie – It’s too bad you couldn’t make it this year. But as it sounds like it was a success, I’m sure it’ll happen again next year.

    Kevin – ah, good to hear the family activities were well planned.

    I think most market shoppers are probably also unaware that vendors were present – the cards distributed at the beginning of the season state pretty clearly that the market goes from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving only. I’m sure the online survey results will convince the Board that a permanent winter solution is needed, and can hopefully be arranged for next year.

  4. I would love to get a sweatshirt or shirt with Churchill Square on it! Anyone know where I could get one? Website needed since I do not live there.

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