City Market Report: Week 22

It’s hard to believe that another City Market season has come to a close – I remarked to Mack today that it is difficult to remember what we did on Saturday mornings when the market wasn’t in session.

City Market Final Day

Beautiful way to end the season

It has become a weekly ritual we look forward to not only for the purposes of stocking our fridge, but also to visit with producers and other market shoppers. More than in previous years, the market really felt like a community gathering place.

City Market Final Day

Kyla and friends

Unlike the chilly way the City Market ended last year,  we were blessed with sunny skies and gloriously warm weather today. At the very least, it meant buskers were able to further enliven the atmosphere.

City Market Final Day

Martin Kerr

Though the City Market hasn’t yet found a permanent winter space, they have already planned to extend their season somewhat by hosting markets on Churchill Square in heated tents. Dates include:

  • October 16, 1-5pm @ the Olde Time Fair on the Square
  • November 13, 3-7pm @ the Holiday Light Up
  • December 4, 11, 18, 11am-3pm for special winter markets

City Market Final Day

The hard working City Market staff and volunteers

I really enjoyed documenting the market this year. It made me hyper-aware of our growing season, as I paid attention to when certain items started to become available. It also helped connect me with producers, all of whom were great about my picture taking habit.

So instead of produce photos this time around, I wanted to showcase some of the hard working farmers themselves. I respect and admire all of you for sharing your skills and talents with us, and helping to feed our city.

City Market Final Day

Jennifer of Sundog Organic

City Market Final Day

Mary Ellen from Greens, Eggs and Ham (in addition to their drop-off locations for Futures members, they will also be selling at the Alberta Avenue farmers’ market starting next week)

City Market Final Day

Rick and Amy of Barr Estate Wines (they will be participating in some of the winter market dates)

City Market Final Day

Pat of Ocean Odyssey Inland (fish available year-round at their retail location, 10027 167 Street, 780-930-1901)

City Market Final Day

Ed and Sherry of Sunshine Organic (their products can be found year-round at Ocean Odyssey, but they also offer a winter pick-up option)

City Market Final Day

Michael of Mo-Na Food (he said they are still in the process of determining their winter sales plan)

City Market Final Day

Patty of Lola Canola (she has started selling soaps made with honey!)

City Market Final Day

Alan and Sarah of Irvings Farm Fresh (they also sell at Old Strathcona and Salisbury farmers’ markets year-round)

City Market Final Day

Mathias and Gerda of Green Valley Farm

The City Market returns to 104 Street next May. Thanks for a great season!

City Market Final Day

The countdown begins…

10 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 22

  1. It feels like a loss having the market shut down! I’m with you – it really feels like it has become a key part of the community. I really, dearly hope they can find a way to be open in some capacity year-round.

  2. I think what is special about the market, too, is the seasonality of it, and the “loss” and rebirth next spring a real special thing that makes it stand out. I hope to be able to stay in contact with my regular vendors for my food, but don’t mind that it doesn’t happen year round. The open-air market is a special thing. I think if it were more permanent, like Old Strathcona, it would loose its “edge” and ability to expand and change as necessary or desired.

  3. Thanks for an awesome weekly report over the summer, Sharon. I was unable to get to market this season, and I really enjoyed the reviews guys.

  4. Loved the weekly reports, Sharon. The street will be a lonely place to look down on for a few months now… but Saturday mornings you can shop at OSFM. Still the best in the city on a Saturday am in the winter for local farm fresh food.

  5. You really have done a stellar job of keeping us apprised of the Market happenings, Sharon. Thanks, and too, for your food notes. We are a community rich in choice and you help us stay connected.

  6. Kevin – yeah, I do hope they find a winter home soon!

    Chris – I agree with you about the open-air; it does make the City Market special. I do think there is a market for several year-round markets though, and as the Market has a ten year lease on 104 Street, it won’t be going anywhere in the warm months.

    el_monton – thank you for reading! I hope you are able to get out to the market next spring!

    Valerie – thanks! Yes, I will do my best to get out to OSFM in the winter months, but I just know it won’t be as regular because we were so spoiled :).

    Katharine – thanks for the lovely comment and for reading!

  7. Loved your info all summer long. It’s a treat to check on one of my favourite markets on weeks when I can’t attend. Good pix too. You’re doing a terrific job for foodlovers, producers and market junkies like me! See ya next season.

  8. Judy – thanks for the comment, and for reading along all season long! I really enjoyed documenting the market this year, and hope to do it again next year :).

  9. I’m sad to have missed the last market day of the year! I am hoping that they will be able to open up a winter market one of these days if there’s enough demand!

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