City Market Report: Week 19

It was great to be back again at the City Market – returning to work on a Thursday meant a short week, but also left me a little off-kilter. After our Saturday morning tradition, the week feels right again.

City Market

Artichokes from Innisfail Growers

City Market

Pears from Steve & Dan’s

City Market

Parsnips from Kuhlmann’s (they had a sign up saying they will be continuing on at the Capilano Market after the City Market concludes its season on October 9)

City Market

Kuhlmann’s also had corn this week

City Market

Brussels sprouts from Sundog Organics

It felt a little less busy at the market this week – not sure if it was because we were shopping later than usual, or if the cold weather kept some patrons away. Regardless, I am happy to have a fridge full of food again!

September 18, 2010 also marks a city-wide Community League Day, coordinated by the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues. 91 neighbourhoods in the city were holding special events today, with everything from barbeques to parades to harvest fairs.

In our neighbourhood, the Downtown Edmonton Community League was hosting Corn Fest – volunteers were on hand to hand out corn on the cob, popcorn, and were even offering salsa lessons!

DECL on Community League Day

Let’s dance!

DECL on Community League Day

More corn, please

DECL on Community League Day

Mack loves his corn

We also took this opportunity to join our community league for the first time (it was just $5!). Our welcome package came in a nice tote designed by Gabe Wong.

DECL on Community League Day

Mack signs us up

It’s hard to believe there are only three more City Market days left. Next week, the 104th Street Action Committee will announce the winning name that has been chosen to help rebrand 104th Street. See you there!

3 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 19

  1. The corn was delicious! It was a grey, stay-in-bed kind of morning on Saturday. Though we don’t have an excuse, as it is right outside our door :).

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