Hot Dogs and Burgers and Fries, Oh My: Delux Burger Bar

Though I’ve been keeping afloat of the series of Celebrity Chef burgers at Delux, none of them have really captured my attention, at least not enough for me to make an effort to trek down to Crestwood to try it. But this month’s poutine burger? Stop the presses.

We took Che Bechard’s creation for the month of August as an excuse to check out Delux’s second location in Edmonton, located on the always-hopping Bourbon Street in West Edmonton Mall (it also worked out that I was also able to satisfy my curiosity at Victoria’s Secret – I wanted to see what the hype was all about).

Though many, if not most, of Bourbon Street eateries offer takeout, Delux is the most aggressive, with an eye-catching D2Go order window.



On the other hand, I didn’t find the interior of this Delux appealing at all. Independent of one another, the waiting area with its cocktail tables, a communal seating area, and generous booths are all right, but put together, the entire space lacks a visual flow, apparent especially when compared with the neighbouring Earls. The plaid patterns on the walls and the billboard photos plastered on the ceiling also seem unnecessary, further cluttering the room.


Mack at Delux

We chose to sit at the bar for immediate service, and it turned out to be an excellent choice. Alvin was our waiter that night, and boy, was he on the ball. Between drink orders, he managed to take good care of us – consistently refilling my water glass, letting us know about the progress of our food order, checking in on us periodically – just superb service all around.

The Nathan’s Famous hot dog sliders ($10) we had opted to start with were also a great choice. We both remarked that the dogs were some of the best we’ve ever had – moist and bursting with flavour. I wasn’t a fan of the toasted bun, but the chipotle ketchup and caramelized onions were tasty additions. The sliders are on special for $2 on Wednesdays…a dangerous deal if I lived or worked closer to a Delux.


Hot dog sliders

As for the main event? The first few bites of the poutine burger ($10), ripe with special sauce, fries, and curd cheese, were delicious. But as we made our way through it, we realized we would both be ultimately defeated by its richness, and that sharing one between the two of us would have been the better way to go.


Poutine burger

You still have a few days left to try out the poutine burger – but if you miss it, don’t worry – you can find some solace in the hot dog sliders.

Delux Burger Bar
1755 170 Street, West Edmonton Mall (one other location)
(780) 487-3589

6 thoughts on “Hot Dogs and Burgers and Fries, Oh My: Delux Burger Bar

  1. Um…. How does one eat the poutine burger? I have trouble keeping the filling in a fully loaded burger and I’d think to get the full experience one would want to have a bit of everything in each bite. That thing looks HUGE!!!

  2. Eva – it was surprisingly not that messy to eat. The sauce dripped a bit, but the fries stayed underneath the bun for the most part. Worth it though – just don’t order an appetizer or fries on the side!

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