City Market Report: Week 15

The haze that remained over the city couldn’t cast a shadow over the City Market this week; at least for us. I’m not sure what it was, but we really enjoyed ourselves today – possibly because we could actually do some real shopping today (our fridge is now working again), or because we were able to linger, and catch up with people without needing to be time conscious.

City Market

Time for another overhead shot

It was also noon by the time we made it down to the market. And though that meant missing out on some early bird pickings (like eggs from Sunshine Organic), we were still able to strike off most of the things on our shopping list.

Riverbend Gardens

Riverbend Gardens had corn!


Romanesco broccoli from Kuhlmann’s (I had to look that name up)

Mona Food

Lobster mushrooms from Mo Na

Some of the vendors have been steadily adding banners to their booths as the weeks pass. One such example is Mighty Trio Organics – I love their colourful banners!

Mighty Trio Organics

Mighty Trio Organics

Sugar Sugar Bakery, the newest cupcake business to join the vendors at City Market, was back this week. If you haven’t yet, check out her cupcake menu – many of the flavours are cleverly named after Archie comic characters! We bought two “Honey Honey” cupcakes to try – the cake, sweetened with honey, was quite distinct, and one I would buy again.

Sugar Sugar

Chandra, of Sugar Sugar

Lastly, a special shout out to Patty Milligan for making my day – she gave us the sunflowers that were gracing her table – they have been brightening up our space all day!

Next week – the penultimate cultural festival at the City Market takes place, celebrating all things Italian.

10 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 15

  1. I miss living close to market 😦 Great you live close and thanks for the updates! Have you been to the Callingwood market? I’ll have to check out their Sunday one.

  2. Hey Sharon! Thanks again for the pic and the mention! It’s fun to see and it was nice to chat with you two yesterday! I put a link to your post on my facebook page. I hope that’s okay. Have a great day!

  3. Tony – thanks for the comment! I’ll do my best.

    Natalie – Michael at Mo Na (where you can buy the mushrooms) would probably be a good source of information. Here’s an article that might be a place to start too:

    Katharine – thanks for reading! And we know we’re really lucky to live above the market :).

    Violet – I’m sure your new neighbourhood has its benefits too! No, haven’t yet, though after seeing the photos in the Journal, I want to try to make it out before the season ends.

    Chandra – you’re welcome, and it was nice to chat with you too! No problem with the FB link!

  4. I am upset with missing last Saturday – but was home cooking up a storm for dinner guests Sunday. Good to know what might be there this coming Sat… I will be there with bells on – my cart, and a stash of cash. YUM!

  5. Natalie – you’re welcome!

    Sarah – I’m sure even more producers will have corn this week!

    Valerie – see you on Saturday!

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