City Market Report: Week 13

So we did end up cruising the City Market early on Saturday, due to some last-minute shopping for the Wild Boar and Beer BBQ to take place the following day.

Busy Market

Great weather for a stroll

After the errands were completed, I made my rounds. It was good to see Julianna, Gabe and Zach out – they were selling the last of their We Eat Together inventory.

We Eat Together

Julianna, Gabe, Zach

I know I’ve become a broken record, but I am continuously amazed with Sundog Organic’s selection of produce. I picked up some spinach, kale, basil and cilantro, but marvelled at the rest of the gorgeous goods. I was also happy to hear that their farm tour last week went over well; they hope to offer more tours in the future.

Sundog Organics


Sundog Organics

Field peppers

At Greens, Eggs and Ham, I picked up some lean ground turkey that I had pre-ordered (a privilege of being a member of their Futures program). I saw their rat’s tail radishes for the first time this season – small green pods that resemble a cross between a pea and a chili pepper, but are crunchy, and taste like radishes. They are often eaten as a bar snack.

Greens, Eggs and Ham

Rat’s tail radishes


Patty pan squash from Kuhlmann’s


Green beans from Kuhlmann’s

Belua Designs

Sarah of Belua Designs made her biggest monster yet (he required 7 socks!)

I love seeing new vendors at the Market, and this week, there were two to meet. First, Barr Estate Winery actually chose the City Market to debut their product in their first official day of business (they were told by their marketing person that the City Market is the place to be – I have to agree!). They have a small fruit orchard on their property in Sherwood Park, and in their spare time (Rick and Amy work as heart researchers during the day), they make wine. At the moment, they have two varieties –raspberry and rhubarb. Between Barr and en Sante, I think it’s a boon for shoppers to be able to pick up local wines at the market to accompany their fresh produce!

Barr Estate Winery

Barr Estate Wineries

The second new vendor is Sugar Sugar Bakery, joining Whimsical Cupcakes to expand the Market’s cupcake offerings. I love the cupcake names, many of which have been given a moniker from the Archie series of comics. Though we picked up four cupcakes for a friend’s birthday, we didn’t try any ourselves yet. That said, Maria said the honey cupcake (topped with a honeycomb – too cute) was her favourite.

Sugar Sugar Bakery


The buskers at the Market play such a huge part at setting the tone at the atmosphere, and one of my favourites, Martin Kerr, was back, for his first City Market date this year. He’s set to return next week, if you’re interested in his acoustics!

Martin Kerr

Martin Kerr

At the end of the day, Mack and I headed to Patty Milligan (aka Lola Canola)’s booth to learn how to take down her tent (she was kind enough to lend us the tent for us at the Boar & Beer BBQ). While awaiting her return, Mack managed to sell two jars of honey on Patty’s behalf! He was all smiles after that.

Downtown was a busy place on Saturday, also hosting the festive Cariwest parade that afternoon. We could hear the music from our condo, and headed out to Jasper Avenue to watch the colourful procession.

Cariwest 2010

Gorgeous costumes

The flatbed trucks, toting towers of speakers, DJs spinning and a steel drum band, were interesting modes of transportation – more so because of their sheer number!


And another one…

The costumes alone were definitely worth coming out for, and everyone in the parade looked like they were having a great time! I have to wonder though – there was some very suggestive dancing in places – for a family-friendly event, I would have thought those in the parade would have kept it PG.


Steel drums!

We followed the procession down to Churchill Square, where the party continued.


Make room!

Cariwest 2010

Councillors Amarjeet Sohi and Ben Henderson having a blast

Cariwest 2010


You can take a look at Mack’s photo set of the parade here.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 13

  1. As always, I love the weekly City Market updates. I don’t touch the topic, because you do such a good job of it!

  2. Hi Sharon! It was sooo cool to see my little cupcake stand on your blog. It made it seem so much more real! Plus, you were the only one who managed to get any pictures of my debut, so thanks! I will be back at the market on the 21st so you should stop by and get some cupcakes, for yourself this time! In the meantime, check out my brand new website –

    I love your blog and have read it quite a few times for restaurant picks and happenings around Edmonton.

    Thanks again!

    Sugar Sugar Bakery

  3. Chandra – I need to do a better job of making the rounds; I would have totally missed your stand if not for Maria! It was fortuituous as we were planning on picking up cupcakes for a friend anyway.

    When you’re back on the 21, we’ll definitely stop by. Good looking website, by the way!

  4. Dear Sharon, It will be great to see you again, then, this Saturday! I can imagine that it’s tough to make all the rounds! There’s so much going on there and you seem like a pretty busy person! thanks for the compliment on the website! It’s fun starting up a little business! haha!

    Have a good week!

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