City Market Report: Week 10

I have faith that one of these Saturdays, we’ll actually make it to the City Market when it opens at 9am! I think part of why we drag our feet now has to do with it being right outside our door – the urgency is no longer there.

City Market

Always busy intersection

A new concession vendor started this week, called The Fork and Spoon Brigade (how cute is that?). They’re hard to miss, in a shiny orange truck, and they feature bacon from Irvings Farm Fresh in their dishes!

The Fork and Spoon Brigade

The Fork and Spoon Brigade

The menu isn’t extensive (it is a food truck after all), but there’s hearty fare, including a breakfast crepe and egg sandwich for those early risers, and a BLT crepe and a vegetarian chili for those seeking lunch options. Alan Irving showed us his BLT crepe that he picked up – it looked delicious.

The Fork and Spoon Brigade

BLT crepe

Between The Fork and Spoon, Eva Sweet, Filistix, and of course, the venerable Fat Franks, the City Market is shaping up to be food cart and truck central!

Also new this week was Inspired Market Gardens’ herb sorbets, made exclusively for them by local ice cream maker Pinocchio. Gwen had four flavours this week (they may change from week to week), including basil, rose and raspberry tarragon. We picked up a half pint to try, particularly because we missed out on the lavender sorbet at Indulgence.

Inspired Market Gardens

Herb sorbets from Inspired Market Gardens (yes, we sampled some too)

While shopping, we ran into Gail Hall’s Market Fresh cooking class, who was busy learning about the difference between” certified organic”, “organic”, and “natural” from Sunshine Organic’s Sherry Horvath. It seems like an eternity ago since I participated three years ago.

Seasoned Solutions cooking class

Market Fresh cooking class

Between all of our socializing with friendly faces, I didn’t do the best job of documenting the week’s fresh produce. And our tardiness probably meant we missed out on much of it too. I hope for an earlier start next week!


Beautiful carrots from Kuhlmann’s


Radishes from Kuhlmann’s

Riverbend Gardens

Cabbages and kohlrabi from Riverbend Gardens (the latter made it into my basket this week!)

With a full fridge after our visit, we’re all set for the week. See you there next Saturday!

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