City Market Report: Week 8

Today was our second official day in the condo, and was one that I’ve been looking forward to for some time. I’ll be writing more about what led to our eventual decision to live downtown, but I can tell you that the City Market, and convenient access to local food, was an important factor for us.

We had intentions to be down at the market for the 9am start time, but the week of moving had taken its toll on us. The funny thing was, as soon as I heard the ringing of the market bell, I bolted awake and ran to the balcony. Peering down below, I could see Jon Hall leading this week’s bell ringer up and down the street. Our life on 104 Street had officially begun!

Our balcony view of the City Market

Our coffee maker was still out of commission, tucked in a box somewhere, so we started our market day at Credo. There, we ran into Valerie and Marianne, who were enjoying their morning coffees out on the glorious patio. Mack’s Dad (in Edmonton for the weekend) and Thom soon joined us, and we set out to show them the market.

 Thom and Martin (we had to get them an Eva Sweet waffle!)

It was a fabulous day for market shoppers – not only was the weather cooperative, but vendors are starting to have a greater variety of summer produce.

Sorrel and chives from Greens, Eggs and Ham

Lush lettuce from Sundog Organics

Ranier cherries from Steve & Dan

Beautiful carrot bunches from Riverbend Gardens

It was great to see Halwa Farms back for their first City Market date of the season, with plenty of fresh goods. I couldn’t resist a bag of snow peas – a great addition to any stir fry! Halwa is also doing several other markets around Edmonton, so be sure to look for them at Callingwood, St. Albert and Leduc markets as well!

Swiss chard

Snow peas!

Dill and cilantro I wanted to run my fingers through

Strawberries so red I could taste them with my eyes

There was also quite the commotion around Kuhlmann’s booth – they had the first peas of the season! Asparagus might be the sign of spring here in Edmonton, but I think peas usher in summer’s bounty.

Super sweet peas


We filled up our empty fridge with the basics – eggs from Sunshine Organic, carrots from Kuhlmann’s, tomatoes and bell peppers from Gull Valley Greenhouses/Doef’s, onions from Green Valley Farms – and our freezer as well, with bacon and sausage from Irvings Farm Fresh (we were happy that Alan still had a package of Indian masala mild curry sausages left – they will go great in a  jambalaya this week).

Alan’s always smiling!

Both Martin and Thom bought some fruit from Steve & Dan’s, and Martin refreshed his supply of Mighty Trio Organics cold-pressed canola oil (we gave Martin & Patti a bottle of the oil in a gift basket at Christmas time). He also picked up a jar of dandelion honey from Lola Canola.

Martin decides between dandelion and buckwheat honey

It was great to be able to visit the market with Martin and Thom and introduce them to some of our favourite vendors. Of course, it also became apparent how lucky we are to have this market at our doorstep. Looking forward to next week already!

8 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 8

  1. Congrats on the new place! It’s awesome you guys are so close to the market. I’m a few blocks away and we have trouble dragging ourselves up early enough to make it there before all the good stuff has been snapped up!

    We did finally manage to snag an Eva Sweet Waffle on Friday and they’re delicious!

  2. Wow, great view, congrats 🙂

    I went to the market for the first time yesterday and had a great time, although I found things to be really expensive. I did get some of the lettuce from Sundog Organics and a big bag of cherries, though, and made a HUGE and delicious clafoutis 😀

  3. Eva – thanks! We were in Oliver before, so not that far, but now, we really have no excuse for not visiting the market!

    Dr. CaSo – thanks! Yes, some of the produce is more expensive, but I think it’s worth it :). A clafoutis would be a great summer dessert right now, yum!

    Valerie, Debra and Marianne – thanks for the kind words :).

  4. Hey congrats on moving into your new place Sharon! Was hoping to finally meet you at Valerie’s taste tripping but I guess you were busy moving. What a view!

  5. Hi LeQuan – thanks! I was really hoping to come, but the timing just didn’t work. I’m sure I’ll run into you at a food event at some point :).

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