City Market Report: Week 4

It was a glorious day for the City Market – and besides not needing rain boots, an umbrella, or gloves this morning, I was able to walk to 104 Street, along lush, grass-lined paths and under the generous shade of trees just bursting with green.

En route

The crowds were back, mirroring the opening weekend in their numbers and frenzy for fresh produce.

And, they’re back!

Patrons and vendors alike seemed to be in a lighter mood with the fair weather, though I have to say I did have an unfortunate run-in with a steely-eyed gentleman who thought I was encroaching on his morel territory at the Mo-Na Foods booth (some people take their mushrooms seriously, I guess).

Morels and chanterelles

I was happy to run into a few familiar faces, including BruleeBlog, who shared the same instincts to make a run to the Edgar Farms booth first. We both checked out a new vendor, called A Taste of Brazil, with curiosity. Just in time for the start of the World Cup, they offer several Brazilian sweets, and while I was busy taking a photo, BruleeBlog overheard the staff say they will be opening up a Brazilian restaurant located somewhere downtown in September.

A Taste of Brazil

I’m really looking forward to the next month – with all of the rain (and with luck, sunshine), new produce items should be showing up every week.

Beautiful onion bunches from Kuhlmann’s


Lovage (used mostly as an herb) from Sundog Organics

In addition to the asparagus, I also picked up some heirloom tomato plants for my Mum from Inspired Market Gardens (they carry over a dozen varieties!), duck eggs and mixed heritage greens from Greens, Eggs and Ham, rhubarb from Sundog Organics, and cookies from Confetti Sweets.

 Heirloom tomato plants from Inspired Market Gardens

Mixed heritage greens from Greens, Eggs and Ham

Next week, the second cultural festival of the season will take place, with Portuguese dances and other performances to look forward to. See you there!

5 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 4

  1. It was a great day I heard! The last few weekends have been sort of blah, so we didn’t expect such a nice Saturday!

    Unfortunately for us, we went to late to catch any duck eggs or goats milk! =(

  2. I missed you all – but I was there, too! They also had fresh morels at the Italian Store last week. Did you buy any? They are yummy, and apparently only grow after a fire… Monas also had huge elephant garlic chives. Did you see them? I will have then on a duck confit post when I get it up. They are novel, and good too. Seeing your tomatoes almost made me cry. I bought 2 huge flats from Gwen at Inspired Market Gardens on Opening day and nursed them carefully for 2 1/2 weeks until i was sure the weather would be OK. Planted them. It snowed the next day. I was back yesterday for more. She was basically out of heirlooms… but I scrounged a few. And the loveage tastes like celery leaves. I have some in my garden and you use it like you would celery. Excellent in soups and stews.
    I didn’t take my camera as I had mom and dad’s dog. I ran into Kelly from Cookbook Cooks – so that was really nice. She bought some Buckwheat Honey from Lola Canola and sung its praises. I was too late for the asparagus. Next week!

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