City Market Report: Week 3

Boy, it was the weather miserable today. The rain was non-stop only until it became snow (that may have been a blessing in disguise, as the reservoirs of water that gathered in the tent crevices had me pegged today). I really hope next weekend brings sunshine – after the beautiful opening weekend I think we all deserve a day at the market without the need for gloves or a hat.

Empty street

As expected, the crowds seemed even thinner than last week, but it was good to see those who made it out regardless of the temperature. The vendors we talked to, always good humoured, stayed upbeat in spite of the cold. Patty Milligan of Lola Canola (in her first market day of the season!) said she was dressed in about eight layers. We picked up a jar of her summer honey that we’ll be using to make granola.

Patty Milligan, always smiling

Though the wet conditions this year have delayed the seeding plans for some farmers, visiting the market in the spring still means that patrons may happen upon a new seasonal produce item every week. Today, Riverbend Gardens had a different, spicier variety of radish, and Sundog Organics had lettuce and spinach available.

Radishes from Riverbend Gardens

Beautiful pea tendrils from Sundog Organics (I picked up a bunch, as well as some green onions)

These flowers looked so cheerful among all the grey

In addition to bell peppers from Doef’s, carrots from Kuhlmann’s, asparagus from Edgar Farms, sausages and ground pork from Irvings Farm Fresh, we also restocked our supply of GMO-free canola seed oil from Mighty Trio Organics. After buying my first bottle a few months ago from Planet Organic, I can’t imagine using anything other than their rich, amber-coloured oil for cooking.

Products from Mighty Trio Organics

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for warmer weather next week!

7 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 3

  1. Yes, I thought of all those poor buggers freezing their patooties off yesterday (vendors AND patrons) — you’re made of hardier stock than I, to even show up.

  2. I was actually there – for about 2 minutes… I met LeQuan for a lunch and shopping tour through Chinatown… miserable day for our farmers! I had a wonderful time with LeQuan and will be writing about it soon. I learned SO much! She is a fantastic guide. I saw you were down there on Twitter, and I was almost going to send you my shopping list!
    (You did get my invite, I hope. I worry about it getting into junk mail… so check there if you don’t know what I am talking about.)

  3. Debra – it wasn’t so bad for us because we could up and leave (and duck inside to warm up if it really got cold :).

    Valerie – I look forward to reading your post! And I just responded to your e-mail.

  4. The market has been great this year, seems like many new vendors. My friend Sarah will be selling her Stampin Up cards this weekend and my friend Nancy will have her jewelry tent all of July so hope the weather will be nice and market will be busy!

  5. I was there too – it was pretty gross. Everyone was in a good mood though! A lovely respite was a hot drink from Credo Coffee after I was done shopping. Hoping for warm weather this weekend for sure.

  6. Violet – yeah, the new vendors are great! I’ll have to look for your friend this weekend.

    Isabelle – I’m surprised I haven’t run into you yet! Are you an early or a late shopper?

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