Fun Fusion: Wild Tangerine

Last week I met up with Jennifer for a late lunch. My first pick, Il Pasticcio, unfortunately only serves lunch until 2pm, but Jennifer’s trusty foodie colleague recommended Wild Tangerine, whose operating hours span both afternoon and evening.

I’ve been to Wild Tangerine for dinner a couple of times in the past, and have been more impressed with each visit. They are a great example of a successful, independent business (and one of the first Original Fare members), and are well-known for their creative Asian fusion cuisine that highlights local producers.


As expected, we hit the tail end of the lunch rush, with only two other parties in the restaurant when we arrived. We were greeted immediately by co-proprietor Wilson Wu, ever-affable and chatty. This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to speak extensively with him, and through the conversation, realized how health-conscious Wild Tangerine strives to be. Their current focus is on a line of pre-cooked frozen meals (available at the restaurant and through the Good Food Box) – from gourmet pizzas like Moroccan mint lamb to bison short ribs – which, like d’Lish, fills the niche of convenience with a conscience. He also told us that their Mobile Cuisine location (which had been located in Manulife Place, and served similar healthy takeout dishes), closed when their sublease of the space ended. Wilson said that it was difficult to hire staff (Mobile Cuisine opened during the boom), and that the appetite in Edmonton for such meals isn’t yet comparable to other cities.

While I can’t vouch for their bagged cuisine, I do love their menu. I think their play on Western concepts are clever: for lunch, for example, they offer Asian Po’Boys, really just a fancy term for “sandwiches”, said Wilson. Jennifer and I each ordered one – she the smoked salmon egg fooyung ($13), which tasted like a frittata encased in a bun, and I the butter masala chicken ($15). The sauce that enrobed the chicken was spiced for more timid palates (not a bad thing for a daytime meal), but the real star of the plate was the sweet corn relish, and the crisp green salad alongisde the po’boy.

Butter masala chicken po’boy

An order of four shrimp lollipops ($12) also found their way into our meal. We agreed they would be a disastrous first date appetizer, but were darn tasty. How could you go wrong with deep-fried, phyllo-wrapped shrimp?

Shrimp lollipops

Between their attentive service, interesting menu, and unrelenting support of local producers, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed lunch at Wild Tangerine. I’ll be back soon!

Wild Tangerine
10383 112 Street
(780) 429-3131
Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10pm, Friday 11:30am-11pm, Saturday 5-11pm, closed Sundays

6 thoughts on “Fun Fusion: Wild Tangerine

  1. Vanja won’t go with me – maybe you will. Asian cuisine is not his thing. I have been dying to go here for over a year. Is my guess that your lunch was with JCK? Or are you now finding that when you go out to eat, special treats magically find there way to your table, too! Either way, call me next time you crave a lunch here! (I thought they were only open evenings.)

  2. You have such a good memory – you absorbed all that *and* I was talking your ear off 🙂
    My foodie colleague (Greg) was happy to be called a foodie, instead of “the guy in the next cubicle”. Was a great foodie outing,

  3. Valerie – nope, it wasn’t JCK, it was a different Jennifer, but they both share foodie qualities! And no, we paid for the shrimp lollipops, though I realize my paragraph can be interpreted otherwise.
    Sure, we can meet there for lunch some time – it would give me an excuse to go back sooner rather than later, anyway.

    Jennifer – I agree, it was a great lunch. Perhaps he will have to join us next time!

  4. Valerie – yes, we are looking forward to it!

    Lequan – I think adults scream for the lollipops too :). Thanks for reading!

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