Ben & Jerry’s: We Are Waffling

With summer finally looking like it’s on the horizon in our city, Mack and I are more consistently stocking up on ice cream. While our favourites usually involve chocolate additions, we are always willing to try new variations (I remember Mack’s dad telling me that when he used to work for Palm Dairies, the entire staff would have the opportunity to participate in quality control tests, with everything from sour cream to ice cream. Can you imagine?).

It seems customer-driven product names are all the rage these days (Doritos and Mountain Dew, among others), and Ben & Jerry’s is doing something similar with their newest ice cream flavour in Canada, currently named “We Are Waffling”. Canadians are encouraged to visit their Facebook site to pitch their ideas, which will eventually be whittled down to a select few to be voted on in July. The winner will receive a year’s supply of ice cream (I wonder how they define that? Some people could eat their weight in ice cream…).

As CBC Food Bytes noted, many of the submitted names so far make no mention of the specific flavour, and instead, are an attempt to represent Canadian pastimes like hockey or play on Canadian nicknames. My favourites so far are “Oh Cone-ada!” and  “One Less Lonely Waffle” (heh).

The ice cream itself, sold in the pint-sized container everyone knows and loves, combines two of my favourite things. I am not a tidy eater on the best of days, and as a result, have never had positive experiences with ice cream cones. So, in spite of my love of the waffle cone, I have always had to forego it for that ever-efficient cup. We Are Waffling lets me enjoy the chewy-sweet cookie-like pieces without the mess.

I was lucky enough to receive a full value coupon from the marketing company working with Ben & Jerry’s, so brought a pint home with us last week. Though the ice cream was definitely not as creamy or smooth as Breyers Double Churn, the ripples of fudge and intermittent waffle pieces made up for it somewhat. Mack said he had hoped for more waffle pieces, but enjoyed it all the same.

We Are Waffling

And if you’re wondering if we came up with a name suggestion of our own – we didn’t. We were too busy savouring our ice cream to think constructively. Yum.

2 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s: We Are Waffling

  1. I’m so with you on the cup rather than the waffle. Although the waffles taste yummy, I can’t stand drippy ice-cream. My munchkins are slowly teaching me to have fun with food though 😉
    oh and thanks for letting me know about fatburger. We always drive by there but never really noticed.

  2. Lequan – yeah, I know I need to be more willing to get messy with my food. Or I just need to learn how to eat properly :). Look forward to your thoughts on Fatburger, if you do give it a try.

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