Food without a View: The Copper Pot

On Tuesday, Mack and I joined my fellow board members and their spouses at The Copper Pot for our belated appreciation dinner. It was originally supposed to happen last December, but was pushed back due to scheduling conflicts.

Unfortunately, the view on this spring day out of the restaurant’s stunning panoramic windows wasn’t any better five months late, as the grey clouds and rain (although needed) cast a shroud over the otherwise scenic Legislature and Ezio Farone Park (I thought I had taken a photo of the view during my previous visit, but no dice).

The Copper Pot had divided our private party of thirty into three separate tables at the back of the restaurant. And although the restaurant was never full over the course of our stay, all of the tables lining the expansive windows were occupied at one point or another – not bad for a mid-week evening.

Instead of a wholly fixed meal, we were provided with at least two options for each of the four courses. Given the state of the weather outside, some of the choices were made for me – the soup of the day (instead of salad), a mini beef Wellington (instead of bruschetta), a duo of sea bass and halibut and a flourless chocolate cake for dessert.

Service was exceptional. Given the server assigned to us worked alone (apart from when our plates were being delivered), he did an amazing job catering to our needs. From filling up water glasses (mine was never empty, and I am like a fish at the table) to juggling multiple drink orders to never requiring any assistance on who a dish was destined for, he did not miss a beat. Bravo.

On the food side of things, some dishes were better than others. My starter soup of the day, a creamy wild mushroom, was silky with a pleasing depth of flavour, but really could have been warmer.

Wild Mushroom Soup

The beef Wellington was a disappointment – chewy and overdone, I probably should have just unwrapped it to savour the puff pastry and the black current demi. I definitely had bruschetta envy looking at my neighbour’s dish.

Mini Beef Wellington

My entrée was a mixed bag. While the fish was well cooked, accompanied by a tomato pesto I couldn’t get enough of, the butternut squash risotto was under seasoned, and gummy in places. With Mack’s entree, in spite of the fact that his steak had been inordinately charred, it was cooked to the requested doneness. Still, Mack noted it was an at par steak, no better.

Sea Bass and Halibut Duo

New York Steak with a Cognac and Horseradish Reduction

The meal-ending flourless chocolate cake, however, was delicious. Rich, with great chocolate flavour, Mack and I both detected a slight nuttiness as well. When we asked our server what the cake contained however, we were told that the flour had been replaced by cornstarch and not ground nuts as we had suspected.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

While the food was inconsistent, between the service and the view, I’d still recommend The Copper Pot as a special occasion restaurant – I know I’ll have to come back once things have greened up a bit. Thanks again to the staff for organizing a great night.

The Copper Pot
101, 9707 110 Street
(780) 452-7800
Lunch: Tuesday-Friday 11am – 2pm; Dinner: Tuesday-Thursday 4-9pm, Friday-Saturday 4-10pm

5 thoughts on “Food without a View: The Copper Pot

  1. Thanks for the review Sharon. I’ve always been curious about The Copper Pot. It sounds like the view should be fantastic from there.

  2. H.Peter – agreed!

    Carol – thanks for reading! I think Copper Pot definitely has one of the best views in the city.

  3. I had about the same experience as you. I went to this restaurant with my boyfriend to celebrate valentines and the view was amazing, the service great, but the food not so much. It is a great restaurant for a special occasion (if you care more about the experience than the food).

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