Spring Gallery Walk 2010

Mack and I have lived in west Oliver, just five minutes from the Gallery Walk district, for nearly two years now, but have never taken the time to visit any of the galleries. I suppose it felt a bit daunting to just walk into the intimate spaces, all exhibiting art available for purchase. However, I knew that the Spring Gallery Walk, a twice-yearly event encouraging the public to tour the galleries, was just around the corner, so planned to go.

Gallery Walk sign marker in front of Electrum Design Studio

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, and it was great to see many Edmontonians taking advantage of this pedestrian-friendly event. Signs and festive balloons were a welcoming sight, and marked the entrances of each of the seven member galleries. Cookies and beverages were served at many sites, a nice reward for the children we saw along for the ride.

Inside Peter Robertson Gallery

The exhibits were diverse, with some galleries focusing on just one or two artists, and others that showcased dozens. Our favourite galleries overall were the Agnes Burgera Gallery and the West End Gallery, which for us, had more accessible art, and some memorable cityscapes and sculptures. Tu Gallery was also notable for featuring some stunning handcrafted furniture.

In an inspired tie-in, patrons were invited to collect stamps from each of the member galleries on a postcard-sized passport. If five stamps were collected, the bearer would be entitled to free admission to the Art Gallery of Alberta (we saw AGA Executive Director Gilles Herbert and AGA Board Chair Allan Scott pounding the pavement today).

My completed passport!

Of course, the area businesses also benefited from this event, with many patrons stopping by area shops on their way to the next gallery. We decided to celebrate the sunshine with some stellar gelato from Bueno Gelato (12325 102 Avenue).

Raspberry and banana gelato

We also stepped into Flur Designs (10260 124 Street), a lovely little floral and gift shop that has been in business for two and a half months. A clean, bright store filled with gorgeous flowers and great gifts (like Vanishing Creatures Chocolate, where the packaging can be repurposed into a floating candle display), it’s a great addition to High Street. I couldn’t resist picking up a bouquet of fresh white flowers.

Flur Designs

The Gallery Walk (and the excuse to take time to explore the neighbourhood) was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I’m also happy to say I feel like I wouldn’t need the pretense of the Gallery Walk to visit their exhibits in the future.

The Walk continues on Sunday, April 18 from noon-4pm – check it out if you can!

7 thoughts on “Spring Gallery Walk 2010

  1. Hi Sharon
    Great post! Although I don’t live downtown, I’ve always meant to go on the gallery walk too, so this is very inspiring:) Was the spring gallery walk just this weekend or does it continue? I like the passport and stamps; what an excellent idea!

  2. Thanks for stopping in at FLUR, Sharon! My wife Alex owns the shop – I rang you through but didn’t want to dork out on you and Mack. Hope you enjoy the flowers. Come back soon, our inventory is always changing!

  3. Katrina – thanks! I think people are welcome to do the gallery walk anytime (the galleries are all open on Saturday), but in terms of an “official” event, it goes twice a year. The Fall Gallery Walk will be some time in October. Hopefully, the AGA offers the passport again.

    Simon – as Mack twittered back to you, you should have said hi! We’ll be back though – it’s a beautiful store. And as it so happens, the flowers are right next to me, bringing me some cheer :).

  4. We took part in the walk too!!
    What a beautiful day for it.

    I enjoyed the wood furniture at Tu. It was nice to see a bit of different focus at that gallery.

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