Life in the North (Edge)

When I left my previous job, I was sad. Besides my colleagues, I would miss the area where that office was situated.

Grandin is a beautiful neighbourhood, lined with quiet streets, boulevard trees, and a picturesque mix of high rises, walkups and office buildings. Its proximity to walking trails leading down to the river valley (as well as across the river via the High Level) was a bonus, and one I am sad to say that I took advantage of all too infrequently.

The transition to my current office was a bit disconcerting at the time, shifting from the peaceful streets of Grandin to the bustling, unpredictable and sometimes dodgy thoroughfare of the Avenue of Nations (also known as the “North Edge”).

Now, almost two years later, I am happy to say I’ve embraced the North Edge: I can walk to Chinatown in five minutes, to downtown in fifteen, and to Little Italy in twenty five. And though I no longer have the serene valley landscape to look upon, Central McDougall contains its own beauty. My lunch hour walks are calming all the same, and I’ve come to appreciate what we do have.

Though we’re a long way from where Alberta Avenue is today, the City has begun a revitalization program for the area (including a $2 million dollar park facelift) and the BRZ for the area seems to be getting its act together (though this newsletter is now a year old). If momentum continues, I am optimistic this diverse community can shed its negative reputation. At the very least, I’m hoping for an annual festival that will get Edmontonians out to the neighbourhood!

Anyway, here are a few photos I snapped today on my daily stroll:

Looking for signs of spring

John A McDougall School (I heart old schools)

Central McDougall playground

Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

Prince of Wales Armouries

Who knew I could be a glass-half-full kind of person?

6 thoughts on “Life in the North (Edge)

  1. Love the 1st picture, bared tree makes a beautiful design from the blue sky.
    I always love Edmonton’s clear blue sky. It sure has its own beauty..:)

  2. Tanis – indeed, it was beautiful yesterday. What a difference a day makes.

    Poh – I agree with you; we are lucky to have sunny and clear skies!

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