The Male Family Zoo

Being from a one pet family (I don’t count my Dad’s fish), it is a welcome surprise to be surrounded by so many animals at Martin and Patti’s. Given that they used to have a pet shop, it’s not really unexpected that they are animal lovers. They even have a room dedicated to reptiles and birds!

Ekon the Yellow Saharan Uromastyx

Thom and Crackers the California Black and White Banded Kingsnake

Kim and Casper, an Umbrella Cockatoo

 Max(ine), a beautiful Green-Wing Macaw

I wasn’t able to get a photo of the other Uromastyx and snake because they were hiding, but believe me, they are there!

One reason we don’t have any dogs or cats is because I am allergic to them, but riding a Reactine wave this week, it’s been nice to see what it would be like to have them around.

Kali, one of Kim and Shane’s dogs

Mack and Traz (wearing his too-cute jacket)

Kotah, the “gentle giant”, in a shot that captures his erratic puppy energy

It’s been fun to be able to play with the animals while I’m here!

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