101 Combinations: Twisted Yogurt Creations

Not wanting to waste our trip to Sherwood Park last week (I realize I make Sherwood Park sound like Camrose or something, but any public transit routes I’m not familiar with might as well be), I asked Mack and Grandma Male if they were up to visiting a new frozen yogurt place I had heard about. They agreed.

Twisted Yogurt Creations opened up in August of this year, and alongside Kiwi Kiss, might mean the frozen yogurt trend has finally caught up to Edmonton. Unlike Kiwi Kiss’s take-out facade, however, Twisted Yogurt provides seating options, and amongst their bright green walls and fun light fixtures, it reminded me of the chic frozen yogurt bars in the States.

Twisted Yogurt interior

The self-serve nature of the shop caught me off guard, though I soon understood why it was set up that way. With eight base yogurt flavours, fresh fruit and about three dozen dry toppings to choose from, customers were encouraged to experiment and find their favourite combinations. For that reason, I think Twisted Yogurt is definitely more family-friendly, and indeed during our visit, a father was there with his young daughter, out for dessert. Twisted Yogurt also serves coffee and cookies, and in the new year, may look at serving hot food, such as waffles to be topped with yogurt and fruit.

The friendly clerk explained how the process worked – each yogurt dispensing machine had three levers, two of which dispensed the two listed flavours, and a third that dispensed a twist of the two (one or two flavours change every week). Once we chose our yogurt base (we were encouraged to mix and match), we would then select whatever toppings we wanted. The last step was to get our creation weighed and paid for, at 49 cents an ounce.

Mack dispensing yogurt

Mack and Grandma Male chose the strawberry kiwi, while I opted to try both the very berry and pomegranate acai flavours. I stuck to the more traditional fresh fruit toppings, while Mack decided to garnish his yogurt with a sprinkling of gummy bears.

At the dry topping station

While I’m sure the final “weigh in” could end up being pretty expensive, we were all fairly conservative with our amounts, and our three cup order rang in at just under $12, not too bad for a sweet treat before dinner. I loved the pomegranate acai, which balanced between a fruity flavour and the tang one expects from frozen yogurt. More than anything else, I think I liked all of the options I had – possibilities are priceless!

Our creations!

I had the chance to speak to Twisted Yogurt owner Michael Bossio after my visit, and he said that they will be opening up three to four more stores in Edmonton over the next six to eight months. More than that, they will soon obtain the “live and active cultures” seal, which means that their product has more than 10 million probiotic cultures per ounce – a boon in the current state of probiotic mania. Michael is very proud of their frozen yogurt, particularly the tanginess that comes from using genuine yogurt.

I for one am very happy about the forthcoming frozen yogurt boom in Edmonton, and look forward to experimenting with more of my own creations at Twisted Yogurt!

Twisted Yogurt Creations
#138, 1020 Sherwood Drive, Sherwood Park
(780) 416-1133
Sunday-Thursday 10am-9pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-10pm

9 thoughts on “101 Combinations: Twisted Yogurt Creations

  1. It looks really delicious. I have to check it out tomorrow or later (if we can)… depending on the weather. lol
    I’ve read about your cupcake posts… I love to bake cupcakes and I have yet to try the cupcakes in Edmonton (only tried Crave Cupcakes from Calgary)…
    By the way, there is another cupcake shoppe in Edmonton – Cake Couture (http://www.cakecouture-edibleart.ca/) I’m not sure if you’ve tried their cakes yet, but I heard good things about it too.

  2. I have visited many times – a weekly addiction !!
    It is always fun, friendly and family orientated as well.
    Clean, Fresh & Fantastic !
    I recommend it to everyone – whatever your age !
    Some of the appeal is the welcoming atmosphere and staff – customer service second to none.
    I applaud more locations –
    spread the joy that is Twisted Yogurt !!

  3. This sounds cool Sharon. I’ve been to kiwi kiss a few times and I really like it too. Kind of pricy but I love the tanginess and fresh fruit toppings.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE! we have visited this location randomly since its opening,and my kids love it.little do they know they are eating a little healthy, yet believe its a ‘sugar treat’. I recommend this place to everyone, as we havent visited our old ice cream stop anymore. thanks mr&mrs bossio!!!

  5. Absolutely LOVE this place. Friend and I saw an ad, happened to be in Sherwood Park and saw it and thought what the heck. It was so cool, and we tried various flavors in one container and added all the yummy toppings. Just a very cool concept and better than any icecream place. Make sure to check it out and help support local businesses – cuz it’s places like this that make Edmonton & Sherwood Park interesting.

  6. Love the yougart,but can you tell me the calories per serving,the fat and the fiber.For weight watchers.I will let the people know next meeting.Thanx so very much.Wendy

  7. Finally took long enough. I hope these will catch on since they’re absolutely delicious, especially in summer.

    I really appreciate the wide variety of yogurt flavors available, but I was somewhat disappointed at two things: the topping selection and the price per ounce. For the toppings, this is certainly a personal preference, but there’s no jellies, tapioca pearls, or mochi (sweet japanese rice dough) anywhere. These toppings were commonplace in the states (and jellies and tapioca pearls are found in any bubble tea shop, now popularized far beyond solely Asian culture) and should definitely be included as toppings here. As for the price per ounce, it’s certainly on the high side. The article states a price of 49c/oz, but many other frozen yogurt shops are below 40c/oz (e.g. 37c/oz at Orange Tree/Yogurt Train/etc. in California).

    Regardless, a trend can open a greater variety of yogurt shops in Edmonton. I certainly support the movement.

  8. I visited the Twisted Yogurt on Saturday with 3 of my girlfriends. One of the friends is a regular, so we trusted her judgement and went for it. It was absolutely awesome – the flavours and the toppings. One could make a meal of of this and pretty much eat the whole day. The price was not too bad, but I certainly could not afford this everyday – it would have to be a once a month treat as like any weight measurement purchase – the more you add, the more you pay. Regardless, the atmosphere was very pleasant and the clerk was very nice. I am on weight watchers and have to figure out the points value. Soooo, if you can help me,that would be wonderful. Have you been asked this before – you may already have the formula.
    Thanks and great place.

  9. Twisted yogurt the best place ever!! It’s healthy and the cups are biodegradable. Thank you twisted yogurt for making my life! I hope to open my own twisted yogurt!!!<3

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