For the Love of Nostalgia: Diner Deluxe

On a slushy Saturday morning in Calgary, Mack and I made our way to Diner Deluxe, which has the distinction of being my favourite brunch purveyor in the city. I love the nostalgic feel of the place, the 70s furniture, the pastel walls, and how the kitchen spills into the dining area. It also helps that Diner Deluxe inaugurated me into Calgary’s brunch culture (something Edmonton is sorely missing), and subsequently led me to Nellie’s, Avenue Diner, Dairy Lane and Galaxie Diner, among others.

I find the wait, while the same in duration as some of the other places (anywhere from twenty to forty-five minutes), is tempered with chairs to sit on and self-serve coffee to ease the time. And of course, all of what we look for is there: quick kitchen-to-table service? Check. Coffee refills without request? Check. Heaping portions? Check.

On the back of the menu (too cute)

The rosemary potatoes in my egg and sausage breakfast were outstanding, crispy and flecked with herbs. The portion of sausage included was also quite generous. Mack’s stuffed French toast was a little unevenly prepared, with gobs of cheese in certain sections, but overall, he liked the indulgent dish.

Two Eggs with Sausage, Multigrain Toast and Hashbrowns

Sourdough French Toast Stuffed with Canadian Bacon and Smoked Cheddar

Though Mack said he preferred Galaxie (our counter/courtside seat to the flattop stage didn’t hurt), he liked Diner Deluxe as well. In the end, perhaps it’s a good thing we don’t have as many brunch eateries in Edmonton – I wouldn’t have the travel excuse to fall back on as a reason to visit them all!

Diner Deluxe
804 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary
(403) 276-5499

5 thoughts on “For the Love of Nostalgia: Diner Deluxe

  1. Ah now you have made me miss Sunday brunches in Calgary. Not enough to make the 6hr round trip, but I really want the stuffed sourdough french toast now, and the yam wedges with cracked red peppercorn mayo. You are so right. The brunch scene in Edmonton is severly lacking, as is the quality of the pho.

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