Olde Time Fair on the Square

En route to Stanley Milner on Saturday, I passed through the Olde Time Fair that was taking place at Churchill Square.


The family-friendly outdoor event was blessed with beautiful weather – such a difference from the winter chill felt just a week prior. There were “roving entertainers” (a stilt walker and juggler, among them), carnival games, face painting, pumpkin carving and hay rides.


Hay Rides

Carnival Games

Though the City Centre Market officially concluded for the year last week, there were a few vendors on hand (in walled tents to keep out the wind had their been any). There were no produce or meat vendors present (save Medicine Man Bison), but there were accessories, candied treats, baked goods, and pickled items available for sale.


It was a lovely way to spend some time outside. I hope we get a few more weekends like that one!

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