Fun on the (Victoria Driving) Range

Every time we passed by the golfers at the Victoria Driving Range last year, we declared our intention to join them that summer. Unfortunately, those declarations never spun into action. This year, Mack made it a point to incorporate the driving range into my birthday activities, so we ended up there on a Sunday afternoon after brunch at the Mac (sans dress and heels).

Victoria Driving Range

Neither of us golf (the last time for me was in Grade 10 phys. ed), so it is no surprise that we looked out of place, in a sea of golf wear and bags of clubs (even the few children at the range had their own appropriately-sized bag of clubs). For less than $20, though, even amateurs like us were able to get some fun out of it – $3 for a club rental, and $7.50 and $9 for a large and extra large bucket of balls, respectively.

We definitely could have used some instruction on stance and swing, but watching the pros next to us provided enough visual guidance for that day. It was a little intimidating having to shoot next to a concerted “whap” sound (the club our neighbour was using was at least 10 inches thick), but with luck and repetition, we were both able to experience the instant gratification of a crisp, clean shot.


Readying for a shot

Mack swings!

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, drinking in the beauty of Edmonton while changing up our weekend routine.

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