Slow Food Edmonton’s Wild Boar and Beer Scavenger Hunt!

Slow Food Edmonton’s 4th annual Wild Boar and Beer is a celebration of local food and drink! It is a chance to sample Mayerthorpe’s Hog Wild products, as well as several local and regional side dishes. In addition, there will be beer tastings and tours of Edmonton’s award-winning microbrewery, Alley Kat.

When: Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 1-4pm
Where: Alley Kat Brewery, 9929 60 Avenue
Cost: $35 for Slow Food Edmonton members, $40 for non-members, $10 for children under 10

For your chance to win 2 tickets, on behalf of Slow Food Edmonton, I’ve put together a scavenger hunt of local producers, restaurants, and independent businesses. Your objective is to collect as many points as possible! From now until June 29, take photos of yourself posing with as many of the items below as you can. Some items on the list will earn you more points than others. Remember to ask permission before taking photos with individuals!

Upload your photos to a photo sharing site such as Flickr or Picasa, and send the link to by June 29. In the event of a tie, the name of a winner will be randomly selected. The winner will be announced on June 30.

Have fun with this – the scavenger hunt is meant to encourage exploration of some of the best Edmonton has to offer. Perhaps you will find a new favourite in the mix!

I would like to acknowledge the Amateur Gourmet, and their Great New York Foodie Scavenger Hunt as the inspiration for this challenge.

Good luck!

Take a picture of yourself…

  1. Holding a copy of City Palate (5pts.)
    next to Mary Bailey (an extra 10pts.)
  2. With 1lb. of Transcend Coffee (10pts.)
  3. Holding a bottle of Alley Kat beer (5pts.)
    dressed as a cat (an extra 20pts.)
  4. With a bar of Kerstin’s Chocolates’ Chocophilia (5pts.)
    next to Kerstin Roos or Curtis Jones (an extra 20pts.)
  5. Holding a package of Hog Wild Specialties (15pts.)
  6. In front of Cafe de Ville (5pts.)
  7. Posing with an “Eat Local First” flyer (5pts.)
    in front of Wild Earth Foods (an extra 5pts.)
  8. Holding any Greens Eggs and Ham product (5pts.)
    with Mary Ellen or Andres Gruenberg (an extra 10pts.)
  9. Eating a Fat Frank (5pts.)
  10. Holding as many bell peppers as you can at the City Centre Farmers’ Market (1pt. each, up to a maximum of 10)
  11. With a copy of the Edible Prairie Journal (10pts.)
  12. In front of Call the Kettle Black (5pts.)
    holding a pot (an extra 5pts.)
  13. With an Original Fare VIP card (10pts.)
  14. Eating a dish at the EATery at the ARTery (10pts.)
  15. With a bottle of en Sante Wine (5pts.)
  16. Holding an order of Amy Quon’s hot and dry chicken (5pts.)
    with Amy Quon (an extra 10pts.)
  17. Holding a Slow Food membership card (10pts.)
  18. With a copy of Company’s Coming (5pts.)
    next to Jean Paré (an extra 30pts.)
  19. Enjoying gelato at Leva (5pts.)
  20. With cheese curds from the Cheese Factory (5pts.)
  21. With a d’Lish to-go meal (5pts.)
  22. Holding asparagus from Edgar Farms (5pts.)
  23. With a product from Blue Kettle (5pts.)
  24. Lining up at the Italian Centre deli (5pts.)
  25. With a bottle of jam from The Jam Lady (5pts.)
    Holding A Jam Story print (an extra 20pts.)
  26. With Sylvan Star Cheese (5pts.)

8 thoughts on “Slow Food Edmonton’s Wild Boar and Beer Scavenger Hunt!

  1. Haha, I’m thinking about it.

    And I can also currently complete the pictures with a Company’s Coming cookbook, a bottle of En Sante, and a bit of Edgar Farms asparagus.

  2. I was going to say the dressed as a cat part is the funniest to me. No beer for me this year means no boar and beer (it’s just not right).

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