Food Notes for June 1, 2009

  • A few people have been asking me about the date of the next Edmonton Foodie Meetup. I don’t know, as it’s up to those interested to decide, but I’ve put up some suggestions on the wiki for the end of June (trying to avoid summer vacation conflicts, as well as long weekend plans). Leave a comment with your preference, and any venue suggestions! You can read about our previous meetup here, here, and here.
  • Last chance to get tickets to Junior League/Slow Food Edmonton’s Indulgence on June 8 at the Delta Hotel South. $60 will get you into this fundraising event where local food intersects with local talent. A sampling of the menu: Fairwinds Farm Goat Cheese, Lobster Mushroom and Leek Tart with a Riesling Reduction; Carmen Creek Bison Sliders with Red Onion Confit and Gorgonzola Cheese. Hope to see you there!
  • Flirt Cupcakes introduced a happy hour – 10% off (plus no GST) of half dozen and one dozen cupcakes from 5-6pm. I have to agree with Chris’s recent assessment of the “cupcake wars” though – with more competitive hours that mesh better with Whyte Avenue pub crawlers, I can’t help but think Fuss has the upper hand.
  • Maybe I just never noticed it before, but I had no idea outdoor pig roasts were so common – Packrat Louie is hosting one on June 17, while Brewsters at Century Park is hosting one late June (lost the flyer, and their website gets a fail on lack of information).
  • When I saw Richard Helm’s byline underneath the review of Cactus Club this weekend, I braced myself for another sexist comment about the servers (remember how his review of Kai began?). He did not disappoint: “Cactus Club has flown in several leggy front-of-house pros from their Vancouver restaurants and put them up at the Fantasyland Hotel to help in the training”. How the Journal lets him get away with it is beyond me.
  • An article in this month’s Avenue Magazine discusses the “raw food” trend in Edmonton. I don’t think the author should have included this quote, reducing the scope of the movement to barely a blip: “Margaret Marean, [raw food] potluck organizer, says she personally knows of about 12 committed raw food-ists in our city.”
  • And the giveaways just keep on coming: Chris at Eating is the Hard Part linked to an Orange Julius coupon which can be redeemed on June 19 for a free smoothie.
  • I read an article in the National Post this weekend about restaurants in Vancouver and Calgary slashing their corkage fees. I have to say I’ve never brought my own bottle of wine to a restaurant – anyone know if Edmonton restaurants are following suit?
  • The NYT had a good story covering a range of perspectives on the issue of texting at the dinner table. I had to laugh with some recognition at Ms. Mintz’s story: ‘“If there’s one second of spare time, and if you look away from him and lose eye contact, he immediately whips [his blackberry] out and starts looking at it.’” Where do you stand?
  • Jay Leno was talking about a Swiss-made “cheeseburger in a can” all last week, and I had to search it out – the wonders of processed food amaze me sometimes.

One thought on “Food Notes for June 1, 2009

  1. Gord and I have eaten cheeseburger in a can. His friend got it for him from Europe as a groomsmen gift. It’s not bad considering it was from a can.

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