Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market Opening Day

While we were in DC, on our way back to our hotel, we stumbled upon a FRESHFARM Market, one of four run during the week in different areas of the city. Situated in a high-traffic area in a small park next to a Metro stop, a hospital, and smack dab in the middle of George Washington University campus, it was a great location. And though the vendors numbered only around a dozen, what they offered was ideal for students, commuters, and residents to pick up en route to their homes. There were two produce vendors, a baker, a bison farmer, a poultry farmer, and a few prepared food vendors – not a comprehensive group, but definitely enough variety to satisfy most shoppers.

Foggy Bottom Farmers’ Market

I think there need to be more neighbourhood-based markets in Edmonton, particularly on weekdays so a “trip to the market” can simply be a brief stop on the way home, instead of a special weekend trip.

As such, I was really happy to learn that Alberta Avenue would be getting a year-round farmers’ market on Thursdays beginning May 28, from 2-7pm at the Alberta Avenue Community Hall (93 Street & 118 Avenue). While I don’t reside in that neighbourhood, I wanted to check out the opening day and be a part of the excitement.


Around 30 vendors were signed up to showcase their wares today, though more are expected to join as the weeks progress. Craft vendors were concentrated inside the hall, while the majority of the food vendors were outside.

Inside the Community Centre

Outdoor vendors

Though I like to browse crafts now and then, the draw of farmers’ markets for me is the food. Dip Sea Chicks (who have stalls in both the City Centre and Strathcona markets) was the only familiar vendor to me, but there were others selling prepared food as well. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a produce or meat vendor to be seen.

I have a feeling this was just a very muffled start to what will become a very successful addition to the growing list of initiatives spearheaded by the Alberta Avenue community. The grassroots effectiveness of the neighbourhood continues to amaze me, and I have no doubt this endeavour will blossom with time. Bravo to the community for getting this off the ground!

Check out the market every Thursday from 2-7pm at 93 Street & 118 Avenue.

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