Raising Awareness: Eat Local First

When I had heard that the folks behind Eat Local First had “put up signs” at Wild Earth Foods, I wasn’t sure what that meant. I was already familiar with their pamphlet that describes the benefits of eating local, so I didn’t know what else they had prepared to increase consumer awareness on area producers and products.

Liane Faulder posted a more concrete description of their new campaign last week, and I was finally able to grasp what they were trying to do – label all of the store’s local products with an “Eat Local First” tag. So on our way home from Whyte on Saturday, we decided to stop by and check out these markers in person.

While I have been to Wild Earth Bakery in the past, I hadn’t set foot in their sister grocery store before. It’s a small store not meant to be a one-stop shop, but like Sobeys Urban Fresh, it’s a place for neighbourhood residents to pick up small necessities.

Right as we entered the store, there was a sign advertising the “Eat Local First” campaign, with pamphlets people could take with them. And then the hunt began.


We didn’t make an exhaustive inventory of the store, but wanted to take note of the variety of local products available in stock. From Spring Creek Ranch beef to Highwood Crossing pancake mix to Pinocchio sorbets, I think the “Eat Local” tags are unobtrusive but effective in helping the consumer seamlessly identify which product will support a home-grown company.

Products from Highwood Crossing

Pinocchio ice creams and sorbets

Bread from Italian Bakery

I can’t see why other stores wouldn’t be jumping on this campaign to promote local goods, particularly with the heightened public awareness about the benefits of buying local (sustainability, food security, among other reasons).

As we were checking out our purchase, we noted a sign that read “Yesterday, 120 people said no to plastic bags”. It reminded us that the small changes we make can add up and do make a difference.

Read more about the campaign here.

Wild Earth Foods
8910 99 Street
(780) 439-4555

8 thoughts on “Raising Awareness: Eat Local First

  1. What a super campaign! Those handy-dandy tags will make my life as a locavore much easier.

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