Calgary Eat-away Weekend

I told Mack I needed a vacation. He took me to Calgary.

No, jokes aside, I had been looking forward to our “culinary escape to Calgary” for some time. We had made a trip down to Cowtown last year for Dine-out Week, and after checking out what some of the restaurants had to offer in this year’s incarnation of the annual event, we decided to plan a mini-break around it again.

We went all out with the hotel this time around, particularly because rest and relaxation was one of the intentions of the trip. I had always passed by the Sheraton Eau Claire Suites with one of awe – it is a stunning hotel from the outside; a quick glance at their rates also told me that they were one of the most expensive downtown. Unlike last year, however, I didn’t find any really great deals, particularly at my default Westin. As a result, we decided to splurge and give the Sheraton a try.

It was actually disappointing – the room was poorly designed, with televisions placed at uncomfortable angles and a closet jammed up against a nightstand. The towels were also abrasive, and not at all what I would expect from such a high-priced hotel. For what we paid, I’d return to their lesser cousin the Westin any day.

Like last year, I made sure to do some research and had a few places in mind for our weekend of eating, and I am happy to report that we made it to every one of them. The posts (and pictures) will follow over the next week or so, but if you’re looking for some other reading about the Calgary restaurant scene, check out this the 6th Annual Food Awards and a list of the 25 Best Things to Eat in Calgary in the latest issue of Avenue Calgary.

6 thoughts on “Calgary Eat-away Weekend

  1. Hi Sharon! As a former Calgarian (albeit temporary), I look forward to hearing all about your southern culinary adventures.

    On my last weekender to Calgary, we brunched at the River Cafe, stopped by Manuel Latruwe’s for croissants, and made a visit to the Currie Barracks Farmer’s Market for all sorts of delicious edibles.

    Janice Beaton’s Farm is on my list for our next visit (as is Globefish)…have heard fantastic things about both from friends. I am not-so-secretly hoping you visited these two and will be posting reviews shortly :-).

    And I’m sorry your hotel experience was disappointing. If we don’t stay over with friends or family, we like the Calgary Westways Guest House, a B&B located in Mission. Their location and brekkies are lovely!

  2. I have yet to go to River Cafe, though my next summer trip will definitely include a jaunt to admire the view from the windows!

    We passed by the Janice Beaton cheese shop in Kensington, but it wasn’t open yet. I’d like to visit Farm as well – I still wonder why we don’t have charcuterie in Edmonton.

    Thanks for the recommendation! We’ll have to look into it for next time.

  3. For downtown Calgary hotels, I think the Hyatt, the Westin, the Marriott and the Fairmont are the most comfortable around. I haven’t been in the rooms at the Hotel Arts but it certainly looks like a very cool place.

  4. What happened to the Mediterranean Grill that used to be on Macloed Trail, right by chinook.

    It’s now some Prague Cafe

    I need my fix, best shawarma in the city!!!

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