A New Addition to Edmonton’s Culinary Blogosphere

I’ve mentioned on this blog that the last six months have been a bustling one in Edmonton’s online food scene. A number of voices have joined the fray recently, and I do believe the more the merrier – everyone has a unique perspective on food, and there is seemingly an unlimited number of topics to cover, even in a city the size of ours.

A new blog began today, one I had been anticipating for some time. Eat My Words is Liane Faulder’s contribution to the blogosphere, where she will be documenting food highlights that don’t make it into the Journal. Her first two posts include tidbits about a bakery she visited during a recent Mexican vacation, a Dine Alberta dinner, and cupcakes she purchased from Flirt Cupcakes.

When I met Liane for lunch back in November, she indicated that she would be starting a blog in the new year. At that time, she asked me why I avoided posting short entries, as she thought immediacy was one of the handiest features of a blog. While it works best for me to gather the brief tidbits together in my weekly notes posts (giving it more substance, somehow), I expect Liane to share concise thoughts or experiences now and then.

I think the Journal Bistro writer entering the food blogging world in Edmonton is a positive step – I believe it will bring more awareness and readership to the blogs already in existence (Liane has started a blogroll, and also linked to some online resources).

Welcome to the blogosphere, Liane. I look forward to reading your posts!

3 thoughts on “A New Addition to Edmonton’s Culinary Blogosphere

  1. Heya, this is one amazing post! Thank you for posting this. I was trying to find for a site that has this kind of info. I just ❤ farmville! Glad I found this one! I'll be visiting here again for sure! ^_^

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