The Netty Series

My original intention at the Holiday Stop and Shop was to pick up an Ugly Doll to give as a gift. Of course, by the time I brought Netty home, I knew I had to keep him.

Inspired by this photo, I decided to have some fun with my new toy, and satisfy the twelve-year old in me. After taking the photos below, I found that Belua Designs’ creator, Sarah Bourque, has travelled with her own Ugly Doll, snapping photos along the way. You can check out Fremlys Big Adventures here, and keep up to date with Netty’s own shenanigans here.

Having breakfast

At work

Watching TV

Building a Kinder Surprise toy

Finished with  Kinder toy

Taking down the Christmas tree

Pointing out where he lives

Playing with dinosaurs

Reading a bedtime story


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