Fast and Filling: Mucho Burrito

A day off from work became my errand day, and I was finally able to finish my Christmas shopping (too late in the year for me, particularly because I am the type to stockpile presents throughout the year). At any rate, the weekday freedom meant I could meet Mack for lunch, so we decided to take the time to try out Mucho Burrito (10124 109 Street NW), a relatively new addition to the 109th Street complex.

I was expecting a similar meal experience to the one I had at Taco del Mar a few months back, a franchised chain that started popping up all over the city in the last two years. On the outset, the two eateries didn’t seem to be too different – a long ordering counter took up half of the space, while basic metal-framed tables meant not for lingering filled up the rest of the area. Mucho Burrito was decidedly less kitschy décor-wise (no tiki-bar or neon signs to be had here), but the playful posters (one featuring an oversized burrito on a forklift) reminded me very much of Famoso’s early wall coverings. Their overhead LCD screens, though notable, were unfortunately out of focus as they cycled through in-house advertisements.

We joined the line – which didn’t let-up through our brief stay, even though it was after 1pm – and were greeted by indifferent but amazingly efficient staff. They had their assembly line roles down pat, and whisked us through the ordering process in minutes.

This new breed of taco stand separates itself from their fast food cousins by offering choice at every turn – from the white or whole-wheat tortilla, to brown or black beans, to chicken, beef, or vegetarian filling, to supplementary sauces and toppings, the price reflects the approach to a custom order. My small burrito, Burrito Pequeno, was priced at $6.99, while Mack’s namesake Mucho Burrito was $10.99 – we were definitely out of value menu territory.

Down the assembly line we went – I chose a white tortilla, brown beans, beef and cilantro to accompany the lime rice, cheese and salsa base. We each ended up with a perfectly wrapped burrito in an aluminium pizza pan, a practical alternative to plastic trays, as Mack’s bottle of pop was better restricted from rolling off onto the floor.

Aluminium tray alternative

We sat down at a table and dug in. The combination of all flavours together – the smoky chipotle sauce, the tang of the lime rice, the juicy, savoury shards of braised beef, and the freshness of the cilantro – really sold the burrito for me. Mack could barely get his mouth around his burrito (easily double the size of mine), but gave it a thumbs up as well – he was full for hours afterwards. Of course, for $11, his hunger should have definitely been addressed.

Mack takes a bite out of his burrito

Mucho Burrito

Burrito Pequeno

In all, Mucho Burrito provided a satisfying lunch, and a meal that was much better than one we had obtained at Taco del Mar. Ideal for take-out or a quick stop, while not inexpensive, Mucho Burrito was both fast and filling.

Mucho Burrito
10124 109 Street NW (2 more locations in Edmonton coming soon)
(780) 429-4220
Daily 11am-9pm

7 thoughts on “Fast and Filling: Mucho Burrito

  1. I have to say I really like Mucho Burrito. I’ve only ever tried their chicken quesadillas but they are very good and like the burritos you had, very filling.

  2. I keep hearing good things about Mucho, but I’m usually passing in such a hurry and I have yet to see a short line. Good to hear about the fast service, as it makes it easier to convince myself to go for it.

  3. I ordered a lunch for my office from them in December and they were just fantastic.
    They delivered a huge spread to our crazy-hard-to-find on campus location. The presentation was really nice too with ceramic bowls, a divided chaffing dish and lots of fresh, tasty food that arrived in perfect serving condition (unbroken nacho chips, hot meats, cool cheese and salsa, etc.). Our lunch guests were thrilled with the novel option and we were really happy about how reasonable the cost was. Highly recommended to other office lunch planners!

  4. I like Mucho Burrito. I discovered the place near work the other day and I am hooked. The beef barbacoa burrito is my favorite. I have a couple of comments for the manager of the chain though:
    1) Same CD of wannabe latin songs plays over and over again. Should look for some advice from a true Mexican or latin fellow to give some suggestions for a true latin music playlist if that’s what he is trying to accomplish.
    2) Should not call it a fresh Mexican grill. Burritos ARE NOT MEXICAN. Go to Mexico anytime and you will be shocked that NOBODY there eats burritos. This is something invented by the Americans near the border in a shameful attempt to copy a taco and to incorporate Mexican flavors with their wheat flour tortillas and Monterey Jack cheese. Do no get me wrong. I love burritos but i don’t think of them as going to eat Mexican food. This is more a tex mex kind of meal. FYI.

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