Calgary Conference Getaway

I was fortunate to attend a conference for work in Calgary this past week at the Radisson Hotel Calgary Airport (2120 16 Avenue NE).

Welcoming pumpkins created by hotel staff

Having never stayed at a Radisson before, this was the first time I have ever encountered a “Sleep Number” bed. I was able to choose the firmness of my mattress with the touch of a button, even though the mechanics that operated the side I chose to sleep on didn’t function properly – I was forever stuck at a “40”. Fun to experiment with, however!

Sleep Number control

Unlike some seminars and conferences I have attended in the past, the Radisson was great with keeping buffet supplies well-stocked. There was never an instance where I found myself peering into an empty serving vessel.

Fruit kabobs

Lunches were all of the build-your-own variety – sandwiches the first day, soft tacos the next, and souvlaki the last. It was unfortunate that chicken was a part of each meal; I know a few of my coworkers were looking for more variety by the end of our stay.

Lunch #2 (I also was hoping for a different kind of salad by Thursday as well – the wild greens and raspberry vinaigrette was over done)

Our only provided dinner consisted of chicken with an apricot and hazelnut glaze, mushroom and asparagus risotto, and a variety of cold salads. The chicken was actually quite well-done, moist and tender, unlike the same meat served at lunch.

My dinner plate

My workmates and I had to fend for ourselves one night, and having asked the hotel staff for a “more local” recommendation than Earls, we were directed to Cattle Baron (3340 – 26 Street NE). Who knew, at 7pm on a random Tuesday that the wait for a party of 9 would be an hour and a half? We ended up at a nearby Joey Tomatoes (3026 23rd Street NE), where the wait for our group (which agreed to be split into two parties) was still forty-five minutes. I had no idea the evening dining market was so ravenous in Calgary.

I had a great time at the conference overall, and I’m sure a large part of that had to do with the fact that we were well-fed throughout. Bravo, Radisson staff!

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